Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday night review...Notebook, Feb '10

Show me a women who does not pack a notebook in her handbag or several scattered about the house and work to record all those life choices...frozen peas or new handbag? and I'll show you genuine Prada on ebay for under 20 dollars.
Milla Fox, Feb 2010

There I was, completely psyched by what was sure to be a rather controversial review of the pinnacle of all fashion mags, Vogue, when out of the box shot a relatively new-comer for the modern woman, aptly named Notebook, and knocked the crème de la crème off the top spot! Ok, so not technically your average fashion magazine...actually not really a fashion magazine at all, but it is, as my wonderful friend Mel says, a “thinking woman’s magazine,” gloriously free from the montage of celebrity heads who try and convince us they are just like the rest of us (!), so it can concentrate on the most important style icon in your life, you!

This mag is more than a style choice, it is a life choice.

It first appeared on the supermarket shelves some four years ago. It was OK, nothing to write home about except it really did resemble an oversized notebook that would needed an over-sized handbag or whole bedside draw to accommodate its bulging pages. It was the first and last edition I purchased until I found myself browsing through a recent publication at my gorgeous friend Cheryl’s house and nearly tripped over my ballet flats in an attempt to scoop up a copy of my own. What I love about Notebook is how in sync it is with the average woman. The Feb edition features over 178 gloriously fabulous pages of nearly every aspect of one’s life in a collage of sophistication, beauty, reality and genuine joie de vivre. The romantic images and graphics appeal to the Jane Austin in all of us, while the content is stunningly real, relative and at times, raw.

What could become my new favourite mag is divided largely into four essential segments – fashion and beauty – but of course, your life, home life and fabulous food – which I do like to read, but am hopelessly inept at executing! This month’s fashion and beauty features a fabulous spread on my current fashion fav, the working week. Love the Lucca bag on p87, and the Diana Ferrari heels on p79 – in fact love the whole look on p79 so much, I launched into the smallest wardrobe in the world and came out with a pretty similar look I didn’t know I had – pity the David Lawrence jacket I purchased in a huff because I couldn’t find what I actually wanted (!) is all wrong for me really.

Those of us not likely to tie the knot anytime soon will still enjoy pouring over ‘Bride on a budget’ (p88) with all its pretty neutrals and sparkles. My lovely friend Lynda will just adore the Supersoft slingbacks on p91 and check out the Simona dress on p89. Oh Vanessa (Warrington) where were you when I got sucked into the traditional-needs- a big-hooped-petty-coat-underneath-cost-me-a-fortune-frock, when I had previously convinced myself I wanted a simple dress that I could wear more than once? Hey Hon, let’s get married again...

The home life section, found toward the back half of the mag is a style delight for the whole house. I’m a big fan of the white washed walls and floors, and adore the clutter free, well worn lived-in look...damn you green carpet and ugly couch. Whilst the whole publication is a treasure-trove of delight, my fav part of the mag is ‘your life.’ This section is truly, madly, deeply style for the soul with inspirational and can-do articles on “Making a change” in your career, finances, health and life. Former managing editor of Elle magazine, Caroline Mead (see her blog takes us on an easy-to-do journey to “Reclaim your style” (not that you need've got me...hehehe) and we meet five completely amazing women who threw caution to the wind to embark on their life-long dreams of owning and operating their own business...anyone want to join me for tea in Collingwood? Mel, you've got to see these Chistina Re tee-shirts, I want them (p53). This month’s edition also features “sew pretty projects” with Cath Kidston, and a host of interesting comments and reveiws. Do yourselves a favour people. “Notebook!” LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

Check it out: You could win a Mitsubishi Colt!

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