Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Un week-end à Paris avec Sussan

I fully intended on sharing with you the wonderful fashion festival that was the wedding I attended on the weekend before I was distracted with the latest Sussan catalogue that had arrived earlier today. I’m a big fan of catalogues. I love pouring over the luscious pages and being tantalised by the stylish promises of what awaits on the other side of the store door. I also love Sussan. Have done for years and contrary to what the young snippet behind the counter at the Sketches out-let store believes, it’s not “mumsie” at all! Quite the opposite and wash your mouth out for being so profane! I purchased my first notable outfit from Sussan when I was just 16 years old. It was a pair of fawn pleat-front, knee length shorts with a row of tortoise-shell-inspired buttons down the front and navy, fawn and white striped polo-neck skivvy with shoulder pads. I looked super sensational in it, and if I still had it, I would probably add a pair of neutral peep-toe heels and still look fabulous – even though I’ve long since given up on navy skivvies – clashes terribly with my freckles and pleat front anything.

I had just mentioned to my wonderful friend Mel, that I had been a bit disappointed on my last visit to my local store. Despite my best shopping intentions, nothing jumped out at me and demanded me to take it home. That was until I opened the 24-page Coco Chanel-Parisian inspired masterpiece and fell breathtakingly and irrevocably in love with each and every look, including those that I know by looking at them won’t suit me at all. If you have not yet received your copy of “A weekend in PARIS” - conveniently mailed to all Sussan VIP customers of whom I am one, then you MUST join now and procure one of your very own. Or better yet, go shopping. Aside from potentially winning a shop-a-holic trip of life-time to Paris that includes $2,000 spending money AND a $500 Sussan gift voucher, the latest and most dazzling collection promises pure perfection for the elegant Francophile style. I am particularly enamoured with the look on p14 consisting of a three quarter length sleeve jacket in bright red ($119.95), skinny black pants ($69.95) and black and white long-sleeve tee ($29.95). Unfortunately with my E cups the tee is never going to work, but I do have a long-sleeve tee in charcoal purchased from Sussan last year and the cute little striped top with drape neck feature on p6 would be a wonderful substitute. The boyfriend jacket over the cute little striped top is also adorable ($129.95) and the red and charcoal checked scarf on the same page ($39.95) is a definite must for those cold days. Even the weekend tunic ($79.95) and leggings ($49.95) on the next page has me walking dreamlike along the Champ de Élysées the arm in arm with Dr Love (such a better nickname than DH don't you think?). Not sure that’s going to be my kind of top – I can’t see the collar, but I love the way it’s glammed up with a chunky necklace. There is an adorable little coco jacket, albeit in black, on p8 that reminds me of the chanel-phase that whipped through Target a few years ago. I had two said jackets, a black and a cream one and I threw them out... silly MILLA! I’m thinking of hitting Savers to see if anyone else had the same idea. I’m also loving my new best friend, the jean ($89.95) and the glitzy ear-rings on p19 ($19.95). To finish it off, have a look at the stunning new white romance sleepwear line. No-body does sleepwear quite like Sussan.

You know what? If I was still a teenager I would cut out my favourite looks from this delectable little publication and paste them on my school file. And yes, that is me in my younger days in my favourite Sussan outfit!!! Don’t I look divine?

Check it out:

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I'm wearing on Wednesday...lovely Leona

In order to make this fabulous frock simply spectacular, all I have to do is add a pair of rich chocolate opaque tights and a pair of patent leather Wittner wedges brought on sale for $30.00 during an 80 per cent off sale two years ago. Who says you have to pay retail for anything! Not me, even the frock was purchased three years ago from one of Myers fabulous “75 per cent off the lowest mark price” promotions and I have worn it religiously ever since. Deciding what to wear on Wednesday was a complete no-brainer this week. I had already decided it was the purple Leona wrap-dress or a pair of trackie-dacks and considering I left my trackie-dack wearing work days behind me – I kid you not, I have worn trackie-pants to work...long was is the frock or bust. You might remember me describing its glorious versatility a few weeks ago when I realised in horror that my new grey pin-stripes from Cue were suddenly way to big around the mid-drift! I chose my new white gladiators that day to give it a bit of an edge, but since finding a similar frock in a late 2009 edition of Vogue that paired stunning satin with dense nylon and a pair of statement clogs, I was sold. I just love the rich colours and contrasting textures and can’t wait to try the new mix in the morning. Strangely I had no idea what sparkles to not like me I know but I didn’t want to detract from the overall gorgeousness of the on-som. Then again I wouldn’t be me without the bling so I grabbed a simple pair of bangles – one plastic and the other wooden and she-bang! Simply gorgeous. I added my Olga Berg bag my cousin gave me for my birthday last year for another play on contrast and because the frock is satin and will show up every lump and bump, will pop on the magic bust-to-knee knickers from k-mart for a smooth finish. God, I love those knickers. Let’s check it out...

Leona dress, purchased for $30 during a 75 per cent off the lowest marked price sale at Myer
Wittner wedges, $30 during an 80 per cent off original price sale
Olga Berg bag, gift
Chocolate tights, $6.95 from K-mart
Plastic burnt orange bangle, $5 Diva
Black wooden bangle, $5 Bardot
Super slim knickers from K-mart, $20
Total cost $96.95

Hot tip: The best way to rejuvenate your wardrobe is to find a new way to wear what you already have. And easiest way to execute this fabulous fashion experience is to start flicking through your favourite magazines of choice, find a look you must have then launch yourself, shoes and all into your wardrobe and don’t come out until you’ve had success. Obviously if your post baby E-cups are somewhat of an obstacle, don’t despair just pick up another edition and try again. Easy right!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sunday night review (on Monday)...InStyle March '10

If you love InStyle for its breath-taking and carefully orchestrated fashion spreads, expert advice and can-do attitude then you won’t be disappointed in the latest edition. If you are like me, however, and love to gush over each page so you can bookmark your next fashion spend then brace yourselves for a shock. March InStyle is pre-occupied with high-end fashion and increasingly expensive brands – more so than usual and it’s leaving the suburban stylette-on-a-budget at home in its wake. Long after it passed to the dark side, I continued to worship my fashion magazine of choice. I could always find affordable treats and treasures throughout the glossy pages that now seemed fit for the super rich. The beauty of InStyle was its ability to make even the more expense fashion trends seem accessible, if only in theory. March is a different story. It’s hard on high and light on low and even the most imaginative of us are left overwhelmed.

While it still follows the same fabulous formula of regular features and how-to creations, the fashion element of this edition lacks the dream-like elegance of the previous months. It seems harder in some ways, unattainable and less...perfect with a high concentration on getting the "right look" rather than the look right (see New Essentials (p74-79) for clarification. No-one looks that good in pleated front pants with tapered legs and how many people do you know that own or want a woollen corset?). Don't get me all wrong though there are still some fabulous finds throughout the gloss including an Instant Style white combo on p64 for the Alice in the Eve blazer ($139.95 at General Pants Co) and Portmans cotton-denim duds for $79.95. The witchery trench on p68 is a good spend at $199.95 if you need a smart, go-anywhere outer layer for under $200.00. You Can Do (pg 70-71) is a good resource for wearing draped skirts, but again most pieces are too pricey to indulge. We would all love a Jayson Brunsdon silk jacket, but are more likely to pop into Witchery and save $550. Just on the drape, if you have hips and a booty then find a skirt with a drape down the front otherwise the excess fabric will make you look bigger than you really are. I also love the peep toe glass necklace on p79 ($149). Check it out at Shop it (p81 – 88) is the new home of Hermés cuffs that cost more than my monthly mortgage. But,Diva are still in favour with affordable bling for any look and have a pair of Karen Millen knee-length silk pant look-alikes (p82, $345.00) on sale for $59.95. Do check out p92, it’s a budget shopper’s dream. I just adore that little Jacqui E sequinned-silk tank for $109.95 and studded hip belt from Country Road for $59.95. Its just a shame that some of us have to buy the whole mag for just one page!

Thankfully the non-fashion aspect of the mag remains largely intact. There is still too much emphasis on celebrity-style for my liking, but some nice looks out of the AFI Awards. My picks are Kate Ritchie’s J’Aton Couture look on p120, Rachel Ward’s frock and hip belt (not the shoes!) on p121 and Asher Keddie’s Yoejin Bae gown on p127. The annual 101 Best Beauty Buys as voted by a panel of Australian experts makes an appearance on p168. Sadly, I don’t use any of the feature products but can absolutely recommend the Eco tools range of make-up brushes. They are available from K-mart (and probably most leading department/variety stores), are affordable and are encased in environmentally friendly bamboo. SMS your full name and address to 1997 5555 and you could win the lot. I also surprised myself by really enjoying Elaine Lipworth’s feature article about Courtney Cox and advise everyone to spend a few minutes and get to know this million dollar-an-episode editorial about a friend. She is brilliantly identified as a loving mum and business woman who, like the rest of us works hard to maintain a happy marriage and just happens to be loaded. To round it out, the latest edition features a 45-page wedding special. Still worth a good look – you might pick up a couple of good ideas for a cocktail dress or two, even if nuptials are not on your agenda any time soon.

At the end of the day, it is still a good fashion mag and does what it does best...creates luscious fashion experiences that if your imagination allows, can be recreated to support your paling budget. If this is what you want then don't hesitate to add it to your current collection. If you are after a style resource that points you in the right direction next time you go shopping however, then you might want to leave it on the shelf and borrow it from a friend. MF xx

Check it out:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What I wore on Wednesday

Don’t you just hate it when your real job gets in the way of your blog! I have been so busy trying to squeeze in a few extra working hours over the last two weeks – most of which have been spent glued to the home computer in a pair of blue velvet trackie-pants and teal blue singlet from target. Yes, even I have my off days - that I have completely missed sharing my numerous fabulous fashion moments with you, and believe me...there have been many. Like Friday for example, when I finally got to wear my gorgeous short-sleeved grey jacket with deep lapel and skinny-leg tuxedo pants from Cue. So for the sake of maintaining my infamous reputation as the average women-on-a-budget-with-two-kids’ stylette about town, What am I wearing on Wednesday has temporarily become What I wore on Wednesday, and I think you will agree that what I wore is so fabulous I am considering wearing it everyday!

The knee-length tunic dress was a Jacqui E sale item purchased for $59.95 when BB2 was just a few weeks old. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t advise myself or anyone else for that matter to shop for a frock like this just after giving birth – the E cups and maternity bra just couldn’t cope, but it was on sale and the perfect replacement for my poor old Katies frock that was starting to see better days. It’s a gorgeous little dress with a most flattering empire bodice and knee-length pencil skirt with matching pleats on the sides. It’s a little bit too saucy in the cleavage department to pass for a behind-the-desk type of attire, so the short-sleeve burgundy shirt from the Cue ‘In the City’ range is a perfect compromise, and I just adore the tie feature at the front. As you know, I promised myself when I returned to work in January I would glam it up, because there is simply no sense in spending over eight hours a day dressed in something that resembles a well used door-mat. I’m afraid I don’t subscribe to the theory of saving your best...if I did that then the smallest wardrobe in the world wouldn’t be a problem, and really, where is the fun in that? Anyway, the shirt was part of my five item haul from the post-chrissie sales at the Cue outlet in Harbour Town WA and purchased for a very respectable $50. So respectable, I brought two more! The t-bar platforms from the Wittner outlet at DFO South Wharf were a perfect alternative to a more traditional black pump, and my fail-safe Guess handbag added a splash of colour. A couple of bangles from Bardot and Diva, both purchased for $5 and my favourite pewter flower bling ring, also from Diva provided the finishing touches. Oh, and you might have noticed I included my iphone, which incidentally was one of the many return-to-work pressies I brought for myself, as an accessory. I had a meeting across town and had to catch to three trains to get there, and two trains and a tram to return. Having just downloaded Stephanie Meyers’ New Moon as an audiobook, it was attached to me for the most of the trip. A justifiable addition to any outfit I say. Let’s check it out:

Jacqui E dress 50 per cent off at $59.95
Cue shirt, reduced to $50 from $80
Wittner t-bars, reduced to $40 from $169
Guess handbag, $95AUD from Macys in LA
Chrome bangle from Diva, $5
Wooden bangle from Bardot, $5
Bling ring from Diva on a 2-for-1-sale, $7.95
iPhone from Telstra, $2.82 per day
Total spend $265.72

Hot tip: If have a tunic dress in your wardrobe that you think is a bit shapeless then whack on a cinch belt to create an empire line then spend half an hour admiring yourself in the mirror, because I can almost guarantee you, you will look fabulous. Plus, it will breathe new life into a piece of clothing you thought you could no longer wear. Do play around with different styles of cinch belts, because like anything different styles will suit different shapes and different outfits. For reasonable quality belts at an affordable price check out stores like Jacqui E, Sussan or Forever New. They do a good job for about $30-$40. If you can afford to go higher and invest in a piece of wearable art then head straight for Cue. In my mind, they have the whole cinch belt game completely covered. You won’t be sorry and neither will your daughter. MFxx

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sunday night review...Vogue March '10

Let’s talk Vogue. It is the Chanel of all fashion magazines. So exquisite in its compilation and imagery, many a women have clasped it lovingly to their bosom and sung the sigh of a teenage girl in the throes of her first romance. It is a magazine that solicits visions of style grandeur that the majority of us are never going to afford, but can somehow dream about, if only in our well made replicas. So then why have the last three editions of this ultimate style masterpiece been in my mind, so terribly, terribly wrong? I sat down last night with the latest edition – March, hoping to get to the bottom of it. An hour and several flick-throughs later, I realised I had to first navigate my way through 58 pages of advertisements relieved by only nine pages of stop-start content to get to the first feature - Vogue View, that was not permeated by more ads. Even then it was a bohemian-beach-meets-graffiti-art montage of images best suited to a 20 year old, than a mother-of-two from the burbs. Disappointment flooded me because at this stage, I was too exhausted and uninterested to discover the fabulous delights that lay beyond. Yet, this format of top-end advertising is not new. I went back to an old edition – October ’09 - an edition I had marked for repeat readings, but somehow for some reason the more recent publications have lacked that joie de vive I have come to expect. Have I become far too removed from the sleek and sophisticated existence of the world’s wealthiest fashionistas that I can no longer imagine myself strutting about in the latest Bally ankle boots on page 19? Or, has the best known and most adored publication on the fashion map launched itself so ardently out of the noughties and into tens that it is akin to a Jean Paul Gaultier show-stopper, rather than a working mother-of-two’s dream-catcher?

I persisted in my endeavours and was brought somewhat back to the fold by the Celluloid Couture article on p66. There is no doubt that the eminence of writing in Vogue, more than matches it’s ethereal style quality, and soon I was wrapped up in the opulence of fashion and the silver-screen epitomised by Hepburn and Givenchy and Tom Ford’s A Single Man. If you are resilient enough to make it that far, mid magazine is by far full of the best treats. I went on to discover another appealing article by Natasha Inchley about “fashion falling out with fantasy” entitled Reality Bites p84. My favourite Vogue moment is the Vogue Fashion feature on pg 106 -111. It is here I felt the stirrings of my latent imagination as I fell in love with the Coach tote and Marni acrylic necklace (p107), and wondered where I might find a Nina Ricci inspired anklet boot for under $100 (p108). I will admit the Alexander McQueen platforms on p111 are a tad frightening. I have seen them before in other publications and can’t stop thinking Edward Scissor hands is missing a finger. RIP Alexander McQueen, your brilliance will be missed, but your legacy remains. Oh, and check out the Open Seasons article on p114. If you are into social networking and fashion blogs, which I am, you will love it.

The back half of the mag is more substance in style, lifestyle and beauty. Far be for me to talk up advertising at this point, but I am a bit partial to the Harry Who and George Gross promo on pg 119-121. Their clearance centre at the back of their main store on High Street, Armadale (VIC) is spectacular and well worth a visit or three. The Talks aspect of Vogue (p125-134) leads in with everyone’s favourite Mr Darcy, Colin Firth, and will whet your appetite for film, theatre, music, and the arts. The pre-eminent fashion spread on p164, from which the front cover is derived, introduces us to a new fashion concept - scuba chic. It’s a little bit on the young side for me, and quite frankly I’m not a big fan of anything inspired by deep sea diving. But you might like it! And finally, if you like leather, than you’ll love the spread on p208 which begins with a stunning Hermés number that those of us in the real world can only dream about.

Oh Vogue! Maybe one day I’ll again clutch you adoringly to my breast like Carrie and passionately defend your breath-taking beauty and poetic rhetoric to my own Alexander Petrovsky, but for now I’ll be quietly disheartened, yet financially loyal as I wait for April. Check it out!

Hot Tip: Log onto or (P.S. It’s the same website) and win yourself a $3000 fashion pack including a $1000 to spend on the current GG / HW collection, $1000 to spend on Samantha Willis jewelery and $1000 to spend on shoes at DioDato. If you do happen to win, do let me know so I can be as green as that Jimmy Choo clutch on p60. Oh, and tell them that Milla sent you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I really need to go shopping

There I was, lying in bed last night contemplating the smallest wardrobe in the world when I turned to DH and said “you know, I really do need to go shopping!” I could almost hear his eyes rotate in his head and a deep sigh...or was it a moan?...emanated from his lips. Ok, sure he’s heard it all before. But seriously, I meant it this time. It had come to my attention that a good number of my clothes ceased to fit over the post-baby E cups. Yet, I continued to keep them in rotation when all they really did was mock me every time I attempted to embark on my next big fashion experience. So, armed with what I considered to be a guilt-free budget...I brought that jacket from Cue like I thought I might...and ripping excuse to drive across town to Chaddy – a friend is getting married and in need of a present, I loaded BB2 in the car and shot off to my destination with excitement running through my veins. I make no secret of the fact that I love Chaddy. It was my home away from home when I first moved to Melbourne all those years ago. I was still somewhat of a style disaster back then. All the best intentions but seriously no idea beyond big W. Thank god things have changed. After I had completed the very important chore of choosing something fabulous from the bridal registry and arranging delivery, I hit the shops. Or more importantly, shop – Myer. It's actually a bit dangerous to turn left out of David Jones because that leads you into the new high-end extension and when you are a limited resource fashion addict like myself, walking past Prada is a bit like eating a toasted cheese sandwich when you are lactose intolerant.

Anyway, I do like a good Myer. They stock all the right budget conscious-yet fabulously stylish brands in the comfort of the same venue - I’m a little bit lazy like that, and they also have the best "50 per cent off the lowest marked price" sales in the else do you think I got those gorgeous Mark Jacob heels for $125 reduced from $560 several years ago. Which, reminds me I spied the same pair on eBay recently for $30 and it just about broke my heart...I love my Marc Jacobs and have just paid $50 to have them re-soled! It was just my luck that they had said sale on now. Jackpot! A little over an hour and several scary hyena altercations later...what is with women and a sale? I emerged victorious with four fabulous tops from Cooper St, Piper, Country Road and Basque – none of which was priced over $37.50, to rejuvenate my poor tired little wardrobe. The most glamorous of the haul is without a doubt a steel blue satin empire top with three-quarter sleeves and front detail. It is cut to perfection. It’s pictured above with my Mark Jacob shoes, which I threw in to show off. I really didn’t think my complexion could support the colour, but apparently it can. I’d barely got it on before I’d made up my mind that I had to have it. It was reduced to $37.50 from $129.00. I'll post piccies of the other items over the next few days. I'm a little bit tired now and poor forgotten DH really wants me to go and sit on our brand new chaise lounge that was delivered today, which incidentally perfectly matches the new Cooper St blouse. I know, what a week.

Check it out: My wonderful friend Mel's DH was quoted as saying recently "are you buying the item, or buying the price?" and when it comes to a sale, he's got a very good point. When buying any item of clothing during a "50 per cent off the lowest marked price" sale - or any sale for the that matter, the same shopping rules should apply to full-priced items...know your shape, recognise what colours work for you, and don't buy it if you already have twenty of the same in your wardrobe. It might be a bargain at the time, but if its sitting in your wardrobe gathering dust alongside twenty other bargains you never wear because they are all wrong for you, its a lot of money down the train that could be better spent on pair of Bettina Liano or two!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I found the perfect outfit...and didn't buy it!

Have you ever accidentally stumbled across the most perfect outfit you have ever seen and had no means of buying it? No, well welcome to my world. There I was, innocently checking out the new autumn range at Country Road and trying to decide how best to spend the $30 gift voucher I had received from my friends at CR for being such a valued and loyal customer. I had debated my options on the drive to my local shopping centre, and had decided that I would invest my hard-earned bonus on a new pair of skinny jeans. I would save my Bettina Liano experience for a pair of curvy fit bootlegs, which when you think about made sense. Why invest $249 on a pair of denims if they aren’t absolutely perfect and with my thighs, it’s really bootleg or bust for that amount of money. After finding nothing I really liked or that would fit these curves in the country road store – really CR Maribyrnong, how many people do you know that actually wear a size 6? I ventured into Myers and immediately picked up two pairs of suitable skinnies priced at a reasonable $99 – a simple, plain dark denim and a pair of black wet-looks. It just so happens that in order to get from the CR section to the fitting-room, I was forced to by-pass Cue and the 70% off discount rack - remind me to tell you about my love affair with Cue another day – where I grabbed, out of interest you understand a couple of frocks for under $100.00. Bargain. Saving the dresses I had no intention of buying to last, I shimmied into the jeans. To my surprise the wet-look number looked fabulous. Well, as fabulous as a pair of skinny jeans on a person with chicken legs looks can’s all in the shoes and length of top you choose to wear with it really, and I do have to admit, I was rather chuffed...I really didn’t like the plain dark denims...they were a few weaves away from resembling a pair of faux denim leggings, which in my world should be outlawed. Anyway, I realised that I was running a tad late and needed to pop into Woolies to do a spot of grocery shopping so I threw on the first of the frocks over the top of the jeans to save time. It was a pale blue asymmetrical taffeta number. Gorgeous but no go over the E cups, so I reached for the cream strapless tulip dress with black trim and Oh My God, booty-licious! The gorgeousness of the whole on-som hit me in the head like a fisbee...I was half-way to my next girl’s night out in that outfit! Even with ballet flats it was fabulous, so imagination how glamorous I would look when I added a pair of patent black heels. Hubba, hubba! There was no question about it, I had to have it. Just as long as I could put it on lay-by and use my voucher as the deposit – I’d spied a pair of skinny tuxedo trousers at the Cue store earlier reduced from $209 to $62 and had already ear-marked them for my purchase en-route to Woolies. But, there was a problem...Myer don’t lay-by heavily reduced sale items for Cue, and no, I could not use my voucher as a deposit. It was clearly written in the fine print. Noooooo............So I reluctantly returned my two items to their racks and walked sadly to Cue, heeding the valuable lesson I had just learned. Never voluntarily give your credit card to your just doesn’t end well!

HOT TIP! You can find the most amazing outfits that will knock everyone over with your gorgeousness even without looking for it...even in your wardrobe! Ah the next time you find yourself in the same position as me, why not go home and try and find something similar in your wardrobe. Unfortunately for me, the only dress that would have worked – a gorgeous aqua blue, long sleeve shift doesn’t fit over the post baby boobs, but I did rediscover this gorgeous royal blue frock from Cue that I haven’t worn in three years. It's pictured above with my mum's vintage crystal brooch and sexy slingbacks from Wittner. Isn't it fab!' It too is a bit snug up top, but looks gorgeous on, and will make a fabulous work alternative.

CHECK IT OUT! I’m going back to Myer this weekend and if that dress is still there...I’m buying it! Or, the tailored tuxedo jacket from Cue reduced from $350 to $90. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its casual Friday...chirp, chirp, chirp!

Ok, so temptation got the better of me and I splurged on the All About Eve tee from everyone’s favourite new on-line boutique I know I shouldn’t have, I am after all trying very hard to sacrifice coffee for that luscious pair of curvy fit Bettina Lianos, which I have since discovered also come in a bootleg and as everyone knows, if you have hips and a bum then you can’t go past a bootleg! But, the temptation got the better of me and besides, the lovely birds in the nest kindly gave me permission to pop their logo on my blog so you have direct access to on-line shopping heaven, it was the least I could do. It arrived last night - just two days after placing my order, beautifully wrapped in white tissue paper and sealed in a handy re-usable carry bag bearing the logo in all its lovely crimson glory, which was very considerate as I was just thinking I needed a nice new re-usable carry bag to take on the train tomorrow. But that is not all...inside the parcel was a customer loyalty card proudly advising me that I would receive a hand-picked girlie treat for every $500 I spent...oooohh...and a hand written note welcoming me to the nest! Really, does it get any better than that? No it doesn’t but for a moment there, I thought it was about to become a lot worse!

After charging into the bedroom for a trial run I was immediately gutted! It didn’t fit! How did this was supposed to be perfect but instead it struggled to sit over my shoulders and arms without causing my E cups to become H cups and threaten to take over the world. I sought solace in a text message to my wonderful friend Mel who quite appropriately responded ... “Bummer!” What was I going to do? I had already committed this tee to casual Friday and it was late to back out now. So, three story-books and a couple of songs later I was back in front of the smallest wardrobe in the world determined to make it work or dislocate my elbow trying. Who would have thought that after much tugging and pulling and readjusting it would be the hairstyle that would make all the difference...I kid you not! Turns out a bit of fluffing and flouncing up-top transformed the look from pimple on a mountain to luscious stylette with some killer curves! The neck-line is probably a little bit higher than your average E cup – or even D cup, should wear but throw some dangly sparkles around your neck and dark skinny jeans to draw the eye down and dare anyone to tell you otherwise. The long-line length of the tee with its gathered side sat beautifully folded around my hips to hide that post-baby budge, and wedge mules from Kmart that I forgot I had – don’t you just love it when that happens...topped it all off. Thank you’ve made my casual Friday complete. I love it!

Check it out!
All about Eve tee, $39.95 reduced from $49.45
Postage, $10
DKNY skinny jeans $40
Kmart mules $29.95
Purple glass beads as per “What am I wearing on Wednesday” $14.95
Diva bling ring from the Melbourne airport store, 2 for 1 sale, $5
Fridge shoulder bag from Sussans, $10 reduced from $79.95
Total spend $149.85

HOT TIP: It’s never a good idea to try on your new clothes after you’ve spent the previous 14 hours on your feet running around after the kids, your boss and your DH, who is still feeling a bit poorly, poor love. Even the most glamorous of garments is going to look hideous and have you running and screaming from your room in fright claiming manically you need to the go the gym and you need to go now! When buying or trying on anything new take a few moments to relax. Do your hair, have a wine and wipe the dark smudges from the day’s make-up off your face. Try where possible to ensure that you have the coordinating items such as your jeans, sparkles and mules on hand to give your new acquisition the best possible chance of booking a berth in your wardrobe. And don’t be afraid to adjust. It doesn’t always work but if you don’t try, you’ll never know what you may miss out on. Oh, and do add a cami underneath, particularly if you have E cups and a drape back. Unless your name is Carrie Bradshaw or you are dressed by Patricia Fields, the exposed bra strap is never a good look...on anyone.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What am I wearing Wednesday

After a day spent working from home, which involved several outfit changes because really what do you wear to work from home so you can still feel glamorous, and once again I’m excited to be back at work tomorrow with yet another excuse to embark on my own personal weekly fashion experience. To be honest, I didn’t think my proposed style expedition would eventuate. DH came home from work early feeling a tad poorly and BB1 and BB2 conspired with each other to stay awake for as long as possible, which totally threatened to derail my end of evening goal...discovering what delights I had waiting for me in the smallest wardrobe in the world. Luckily an old episode of the original Trinny and Susannah and two tiring children who decided to take pity on their frazzled mummy did the trick, and I quickly got to work. Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather at how quickly this outfit came together. Equally, I was completely bowled over at how the top half combo of singlet and drape cardi from Sussans could easily go from casual affair to sexy, smart professional in one tiny clasp of a cinch belt. The singlet, in case you are interested has a twisted strap on the left shoulder which causes a subtle drape affect across the cleavage...gorgeous. Anyhow, my cousin Kate, you know the one with the defective fashion gene and over-sized Brady Bunch tee shirt is sure to love this look. The skirt is identical to the one we purchased for her during our capsule collection experience at the table eight clearance store at DFO South Wharf. It’s gold satin with a touch of mustard and I loved it so much that I brought one too. At $14.95 it was a complete bargain. If she looks close enough, I think Kate will also recognise the belt - $10 from Jacqui E also at DFO South Wharf and also identical to one she procured on same said shopping expedition. I know what you are thinking – fashion stalker! But no, we are’s allowed. To top it off I added a set of purple crystal beads I brought from Myer a couple of years ago at 50 per cent off the lowest marked price and my fabulous taupe coloured peep-toes from Steve Madden. The very same peep-toes I might add, I nearly wore with my purple Leona dress last week that I thought hurt my feet. Turns out, if you remove the heel cinchers that were put in the very first time you wore them they don’t hurt anymore. Brilliant! I also popped on a purple flower ring from Diva and after some debate added a spark of colour with an Olga Berg bag in tones of red, metallic pink and purple suede. I just love this outfit...let’s check it out:

Singlet from Sussans with a twist strap, full price $59.95
Drape cardi also Sussans, $39.95 reduced from $99.95
Skirt from Table Eight clearance store, $14.95 reduced from $39.95
Cinch belt from Jacqui E, $10.00 reduced from $29.95
Ring, $5 Diva
Steve Madden peep toes, $21 reduced from $129.00
Olga Berg handbag, gift from cousin
Necklace $14.95 during a 50 per cent off lowest mark price sale at Myer
Total spend: $165.80

HOT TIP: The twisted strap singlet featured in this look is currently on sale at selected Sussans stores for $29.95. It’s fabulous. I’ve worn it with my wide-legged jeans from target and ballet flats for a casual look and my skinny jeans and witchery taupe pants with cardi and heels for a more glam effect. Now I’m wearing it to work with a gold satin pencil skirt and peep toe heels. $59.95 well spent, don’t you think?
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