Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What I'm wearing on Wednesday...lovely Leona

In order to make this fabulous frock simply spectacular, all I have to do is add a pair of rich chocolate opaque tights and a pair of patent leather Wittner wedges brought on sale for $30.00 during an 80 per cent off sale two years ago. Who says you have to pay retail for anything! Not me, even the frock was purchased three years ago from one of Myers fabulous “75 per cent off the lowest mark price” promotions and I have worn it religiously ever since. Deciding what to wear on Wednesday was a complete no-brainer this week. I had already decided it was the purple Leona wrap-dress or a pair of trackie-dacks and considering I left my trackie-dack wearing work days behind me – I kid you not, I have worn trackie-pants to work...long story...it was allowed...it is the frock or bust. You might remember me describing its glorious versatility a few weeks ago when I realised in horror that my new grey pin-stripes from Cue were suddenly way to big around the mid-drift! I chose my new white gladiators that day to give it a bit of an edge, but since finding a similar frock in a late 2009 edition of Vogue that paired stunning satin with dense nylon and a pair of statement clogs, I was sold. I just love the rich colours and contrasting textures and can’t wait to try the new mix in the morning. Strangely I had no idea what sparkles to add...so not like me I know but I didn’t want to detract from the overall gorgeousness of the on-som. Then again I wouldn’t be me without the bling so I grabbed a simple pair of bangles – one plastic and the other wooden and she-bang! Simply gorgeous. I added my Olga Berg bag my cousin gave me for my birthday last year for another play on contrast and because the frock is satin and will show up every lump and bump, will pop on the magic bust-to-knee knickers from k-mart for a smooth finish. God, I love those knickers. Let’s check it out...

Leona dress, purchased for $30 during a 75 per cent off the lowest marked price sale at Myer
Wittner wedges, $30 during an 80 per cent off original price sale
Olga Berg bag, gift
Chocolate tights, $6.95 from K-mart
Plastic burnt orange bangle, $5 Diva
Black wooden bangle, $5 Bardot
Super slim knickers from K-mart, $20
Total cost $96.95

Hot tip: The best way to rejuvenate your wardrobe is to find a new way to wear what you already have. And easiest way to execute this fabulous fashion experience is to start flicking through your favourite magazines of choice, find a look you must have then launch yourself, shoes and all into your wardrobe and don’t come out until you’ve had success. Obviously if your post baby E-cups are somewhat of an obstacle, don’t despair just pick up another edition and try again. Easy right!


  1. this is a winning outfit! i LOVE the pairing of rich purple and brown! I'm so going to buy brown tights this autumn! :)

  2. And you were a beacon of fashionable loveliness on the train this morning! The colour of this dress is stunning and goes so well with the shoes!


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