Monday, July 19, 2010

Shop your own wardrobe 101 part 3: From urban limo to desert camel. What are the odds!

It is fair to say that I do not own a pair of skinny jeans embellished across the bottom with row upon row of diamante-bell-bling. But, my sojourn into the smallest wardrobe in the world over the weekend was so successful that even without a friendly bedazzler, I very nearly didn’t come out! I’m not kidding, I had such fun and created so many outfits I wouldn’t be surprised if I broke the record for the world’s longest glamathon! It all started Saturday night when in the middle of the dishes, it occurred to me that not only had it been over a week since I’d had the chance to post on my blog but the whole reverse saving thing I’m putting myself through is pure torture. Made all the more unbearable by the discovery of the on-line Anthropologie store that delivers to Australia for a small fortunate as introduced to myself by my wonderful, if not evil friend Mel! It was either hit the wardrobe or bust, and with a couple of fabulous friends popping over tomorrow it was a perfect excuse to frock it up for a long overdue chin wag. So I hit the shop...I mean wardrobe with the SATC 2 almanac in one hand and a supportive glass of wine in the other.

I had an idea of what which outfit I wanted to create in my new favourite fashion fantasy...SJP stepping out of a white limo en-route to a camel in the middle of the desert. The overall look is laid back glamour with a zesty infusion of Arabic inspired bling consisting of a kaftan or frock in chiffon over trousers with a peep-toe heel and blazer. Nothing really matches but looks good anyway. Bit of a stretch for me really. I’m a throw back from the 50s and bit partial to top and tailing where my accessories or garments on the top match my accessories on the bottom. Open yourself up to the possibilities of rag-tag with non-mix non-match however, and you’ll be kept blissfully busy for hours. Just ask Dr Love.

Let’s break it down:

Skinny trousers/jeans with ruching and embellishment: Skinny jeans that bunch around the ankle are a great substitute for what I consider to be the signature piece of this look, and far more readily available than the bedazzler.

Tunic or dress in partly transparent fabric: I was completely spoilt for choice with this part of the outfit. As luck would have it, I have a blue tunic in almost the exact same colour and texture. What are the odds! Granted, it’s a left over from my maternity days but it has such a lovely cut and empire detail that I simply could not part with it and well to be honest... if I didn’t tell wouldn’t know. In lieu of this particular gem however (I accidently pulled off one of the ties in my excitement and it requires mending), a gorgeous thigh length tunic dress brought on sale and worn to the opening night of SATC 1, is a fabulous substitute and helps to personalise the look away from SJP and toward MFS.

Blazer: I have three blazers in various shades of brown that I could have used for this look, but you can substitute whatever colour you have at hand. I went with a soft muted brown with a faint pin stripe, which is one half of a suit. Instant ensemble to wearable separates. What a way to make the most of your wardrobe.

Peep toe platforms: The original peep toes as worn by SJP were a stunning pair of ivory Giuseppe Zanottis with diamante heels. Nice! I substituted with a dark purple suede pair I purchased from Betts for $30.

Clutch: Easy peasy Camp easy...I have a selection to choose from and went with the black satin with vintage inspired jewelled clasp my fabulous sister-in-law Carol gave me for Christmas. What a good woman.

Silver cuff: I don’t have a silver cuff, so I decided to match up with the black satin clutch and put a black wooden bangle I brought from Bardot for $5 together with a beige plastic bangle I purchased as part of a set for $20 from a funky little boutique in Anglesea whilst on a mum’s group weekend away. Ah, the memories.

Fan: Yes, you read right. SJP has a fan and guess what? So do I courtesy of a pre-wedding honeymoon to Madrid in ’03. Not that I need carry a fan in this weather, but what the hey...I’ve got it so I might as well use it.

Pendant: For a colour contrast against the blue fabric of the tunic, I went with a gold and burnt orange accessory I purchased from Sussan for about $10.

Lime green hanky with red trim poking out from the blazer pocket: I opted out!

Check it out...I included both variations on the tunic for your viewing pleasure. Love it so much I’m wearing the light blue variation to work on Friday. Doesn’t it look glam!

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