Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Navy Blue and Black? Take it back!

I am absolutely appalled and outraged that anyone who calls themselves a fashion stylist would advocate that navy blue and black is one of today’s hottest fashion trends. No way, No how! I’m sorry people, as far as I’m concerned, if it’s navy blue and black…take it back! First of all, black is a non-colour and lacks depth. Therefore it lacks lights. So if you think that the all-black suit you have in your wardrobe is really that slimming, stand in front of the mirror for a moment longer and see what it really does to you. I can almost guarantee if you look long enough and hard enough, particularly at your good bits, it will do nothing. Put it together with navy blue and whatever light you think there is, will be sucked right out of you leaving those around you convinced you got dressed in the dark (and are still there). Second of all, navy blue and black are colours that do not look good on everyone particularly those of us with sallow skin and freckles. I am not kidding. It just washes us out and makes us look like a circus freak with pneumonia. Even when you add bling. So with that said, why on earth would you wear them together? If you absolutely must do blue and you love black, because let’s face it the vast majority of us do and you are desperate to put them together then opt for a French navy or royal blue contrast, preferably in satin and preferably with the black on the bottom half of your body. Unless it’s denim, then blue on the bottom is fine. But not with black, unless you have something to break it up in between, like a long-line singlet or belt. Sorry people but same rules apply. That’s just how it is.

P.S. Did you know that contrary to popular belief it is the style and cut of your clothes that make you appear slimmer and not necessarily the colour. Sure, an all-black outfit hides all those nasty bits but it also disguises all the good bits that give us shape. If you really, really, really must wear black (like me last Friday night because nothing else fit over these damned post-baby E cups), then wear it as a statement piece for a great night out with the girls. This little number is a very simple cross over dress purchased from Katies (yes Katies) over 6 years ago for $39.95! Belt from ebay at $9, and patent leather platforms from the Wittner clearance store at DFO Spencer Street, $30. Who says dressing up is expensive.

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  1. I love your writing style! I really struggle with black and blue together in an outfit. Especially in the latest 80s and graphic prints. I'm with you on this one. And the colour theory is so true. I watched an episode of Trinny and Susannah and they did a bit of a street survey on what colour made people look slimmest. It wasn't black!


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