Monday, July 5, 2010

Shop your own wardrobe 101, part two: From Halston to Diana Ferrari, how you can do it too

I decided to play around with turbans today in honour of SJPs gorgeous little pink do on arrival in Abu Dhabi. Rather brave of me actually because I have a flat head. I’m not kidding, I inherited it from my mother , the back of my head is almost completely flat so anything that interferes with my big hair is a recipe for absolute disaster. Lucky for me, I know that when you emulate the outfit of one of the world’s most famous and fabulous fashionistas you do so knowing how to adapt the look to suit your own body shape, and your head people, is no exception. This was actually a fun and surprisingly easy look to imitate despite the fact that I do not own an asymmetrical kaftan and have said flat head. The trick with shopping your own wardrobe is not to replicate an exact outfit – seriously, do you know anyone else who owns such a number other than the fine folk from SATC 2? It is to reproduce the ‘look’ by substituting the individual pieces with items that you already own. In this instance, we are replicating a monochromatic outfit (meaning an outfit comprising of pieces in different shades of the same colour) where the central piece is a silky floaty dress, accessorized by a head scarf, or if you are the proud owner of a normal head, a turban. Here is how I did it:

(1) Floaty silk or satin dress in one colour – no problem, I just brought a gorgeous chocoloate brown satin knee length frock with empire waist from my new favourite store Diana Ferrari (sorry Sussan, sad but colourfully true). It was a complete bargin. Reduced from 169.95 to $40.00.

Now, it is important to note that as a busty hourglass – remember the E cups, a trapeze dress or kaftan – one that falls from the shoulder or neck in an A-line cut, such as the one that adorns the oh-so fabulous bod of our good friend CB, no matter how much I wish it, will look simply ridiculous on my curvaceous frame. Those of us with curves, need shape through our frocks to emphasis our teeny tiny waist, which may be high or low, or we will end up looking as though we have chowed down on an African elephant over brunch. Not a good look by anyone’s standards. This type of frock best suits those with limited curves, or those girlie girls with an inverted triangle shape as it evens out the widest part of their body – usually the shoulders with their lower half. An empire cut will show off an hourglass or pear shaped body’s smallest area (beneath the bust) and by keeping it soft and floaty will make a perfect substitute for the real thing.

(2) Vintage turban – now that we’ve established my deepest darkest secret, a turban is not going to work with my flat head. But if I wrap my Sussan scarf in shades of blues, black, ivory and beige so it crosses over at the crown and then tie it an inch or two behind my left ear, I am free to boof out my big hair and continue to keep the world in the dark. The colours of the scarf, as with this look are in contrast to the brown frock. As with the frock, I have tailored this particular accessory to make the most of my finest assets. Big hair.

(3) Strappy heels – I only wish I had a pair of strappy Manolos, but alas the smallest wardrobe in the world cannot brag such a coup. Unfortunately for me, nor do I own a pair of brown strappies so I have made an allowance and gone with a cute pewter pair for good luck. For a slightly original look, I could also use my chocolate wedges that I purchased from Wittner for $30 two years ago but between you me and the back fence, I am getting a little tired of teetering on platforms and could do with a break.

(4) Thin gold cuff – again, no go on the cuff, but I do have a vintage oroton bracelet I rescued from a Mother Fox garage sale. Really woman, do you remember you have a daughter with a fashion obsession!!

(5) Gold necklace with sparkles – As I have opted to go with silver – not my colour but one can compromise, I have matched my bracelet with a silver necklace with miniature bling. Nice touch.

(6) Sunglasses – I only own one pair...and I call myself a style queen in training!! So it’s the bargain Basques brought for 50% less the RRP during the post-christmas sales whilst on holiday in Perth, which incidentally has a silver blingy bit on the side...what luck, and finally

(7) Handbag – an unusual little brown number created from a placemat made from twigs, which I brought from a market on a whim several years ago. Forgot I had it therein lies the beauty of shopping your own wardrobe.


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  1. You are funny......i have a wholsaler that sells beautiful turbans with lovely gems on them and i wanted to buy them for my shop - but i wondered who would wear one apert from SJP or Camilla Franks! Love your "Shop your own Wardrobe" Great idea and I agree with your comment about high street fashion - style is not how much you pay - it is how you wear it!!
    Lisa M


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