Friday, January 15, 2010

Milla's guide to restyling your wardrobe

Ok, girls and girls here it is. Milla's guide to restyling your wardrobe. Its all you need to know to save space, organise your fashion life and solve the never ending problem of owning 25,000 items of clothing and 9000 pairs of shoes and having nothing to wear!

1. Throw yourself bodily into your cupboard - not really a problem for me as I have the smallest cupboard in the world.

2. Relocate its contents into the middle of your bed and try not to freak out. Didn’t think you owned so many clothes and shoes did you?

2. Try it all on! And I mean everything including underwear, shoes and accessories.

3. Be honest with yourself. Scrutinize every item based on how it fits and looks in term of shape, style and age. If it doesn’t fit, throw it out. If it is old, faded or tired or has shoulder pads and big gold buttons, throw it out. If it makes your ankles look fat, throw it out but most importantly if your boobs look like a gigantic German sausage strangling your ribcage, THROW IT OUT!

4. I’m not kidding! If it is not you, cannot be adapted (yes adapted!), makes a noise or was commissioned somewhere in the 80s, get rid of it otherwise it will only take up valuable space even if it did you cost you last month’s pay. If its in good condition either sell it on eBay or give it to charity. If you are unsure about one or two items - and this will happen, put it in another part of the house and forget about it. If you haven‘t gone looking for it in six months, get rid of it. Harsh I know, but seriously people, it's sale time. You need the room.

“Sometimes in order to move forward, you have to let go of something you love” (Woodall, T., Undressed., ITV, 2007)

5. Pre-organise, then reorganise - Separate what is left into ‘like’ items…you know shirts, skirts, dresses etc etc, then re-organise into colours. By sorting out your clothes and hanging or storing accordingly you will find coordinating outfits to be a much easier process with less time spent staring aimlessly into space while you wonder what to wear and where the hell to find it in all this mess.

7. Put it away - Decide where you are going to house your clothes and accessories and store accordingly. Invest in some wooden or padded coat hangers because wire ones are evil and should be banished from the face of the fashion world. Your local reject or $2 shop should do the trick. Ikea also sell bundles of wooden hangers for a few dollars.

if you have limited hanging space, reserve it for dresses, tops and good trousers. Denim and knits can be folded without having to resort to the iron. A bonus in anyone's language. House your shoes in boxes, which can be stacked on top of one another to save space.

And finally,

6. Get a good bottle of wine and grab a friend - this is a time consuming process and without appropriate support you’ll only end up hating yourself, your clothes and your husband and he has nothing to do with it.

HOT TIP: If your occupation or favourite past-time (no coffee with the girls does not count) dictates a different style of dress to everyday wear, then keep these items separate. It could mean the difference between a healthy breakfast with your family in the morning, or an over-priced toasted ham sandwich on the run.


  1. Good advice! But you forgot to mention how to deal with the angst of "I wasted how much money on this stuff that I don't wear/doesn't suit me??" I guess the bottle of wine would help ...!

  2. And the friend to help you drink the bottle of wine!! Here's what you can do - see if you can have the offending garment adapted in some way, can add something - belt, scarf etc to change the way you wear it, or find a new way of wearing it. I brought a little shirt for work a couple of years ago, and didn't really like it until I started wearing it recently with jeans, a pretty girlie scarf and some bling, and now I love it. If not, then tell yourself this "is it worth anything sitting in my cupboard taunting me? If all else fails, call me and I'll come over with the wine!


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