Monday, January 25, 2010

Australia Day barbecue tomorrow and for some strange reason I have a yearning to wear a jumpsuit! Rather weird actually considering I don’t own a jumpsuit, but there you have it. Perhaps it’s a burgeoning obsession with that cute little Camilla number on p66 of the latest Instyle mag that I’m never going to own. Or, I have finally decided to catch up with what was hot last spring. Either way I really want one, except that I have limited resources until pay-day and I voluntarily gave my credit card to DH. Yep, voluntarily...after seven months on maternity leave, no regular income and never ending temptation...I couldn’t be trusted! So, in an attempt to find a bargain that didn’t include a 1970’s nylon number via ebay, I scouted my favourite on-line boutiques and discovered two potentials; the Good life jumpsuit from with the adjustable skinny straps and draped leg with ruched ankle cuff at $99.95, or the strapless ruffle jumpsuit from with the wide-leg reduced from $79 to $49?

The only problem I have with both of these alternatives, besides having no available method of, or reason for buying, receiving and accessorising before tomorrow is the colour. They are both black! and you do know my philosophy on black. Although they could be justified as statement pieces, I suppose. Why oh why didn’t I buy the midnight blue number from Sussan when I had the chance? I got the silk flower.

CHECK IT OUT: For the ultimate on-line shopping experience you simply must check out It’s a bit of a fav of Instyle, which as you know is my fashion magazine of choice. Prices are mortgage friendly and you will be spoiled for choice across a range of classic and uber-edgy looks. Don’t expect to see a ‘sale’ section on the website, however. Oh no, these on-line retailers have gone straight for the ‘clearance’ option, which equates to 34 pages or 408 items of unadulterated shopping pleasure.

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