Friday, January 22, 2010

The perfect pair of jeans?

I’m taking my friend, the fabulous Sarah shopping tomorrow to find her perfect pair of jeans. I’m a bit scared actually. Does such a thing exist? I consulted my smallest wardrobe in the world for some answers, and guess really does exist. I have four pairs of them...ok, well maybe only three because my Calvin Kleins are looking a bit dated. I brought them at a bargain $33AUD at discount retailer Filene’s Basement in the US, which I have just discovered filed for bankruptcy protection in May. Not that I’m planning on visiting the US anytime soon but...nooooo! Up until about 10 years ago, I really wasn’t into denim. I was your more run-of-the-mill cargo pant type of girl, but after purchasing my first pair of bootleg hipsters with frayed cuffs and embroidery from Westco on Bridge Road, I never looked back. The big question now is what constitutes the “perfect pair of jeans?”
I’ll let you know tomorrow?

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