Thursday, November 26, 2009

Don't forget the good bits

Understanding your overall body shape is a good start to knowing what style of clothing will best suit your figure, but understanding the individual know, your boobs, neck, arms, bum, saddlebags (need I go on) is even better. Take my friend Megan, we both have hourglass figures but Megan as a size 8 can pull off a boob-tube and skinny jeans with the best of them. Myself on the other hand, at a respectable size 12 bordering on a size 14 (and proud) are better suited to bootlegs jeans and sleeves lest we are mistaken for a sausage about to explode from both ends. Understanding your body bits will further simplify your shopping expedition and help you show off those assets you probably don’t think you have. It will also help you adapt a look you cannot live without. Like skinny jeans! If you’ve got hips and thighs, go with a jean with long legs and bunch the excess fabric around your ankles and lower calves. This will create width around the lower part of your legs and divert attention away from your problem area and even you out. Alternatively go for a gathered boot over the top of the jean to create the same effect, but be careful. If you have short legs this style can cut you off and the ankle and make your legs look shorter than they really are. Not a good look really.

CHECK IT OUT: My favourite skinny jean outfit. DKNY jeans picked up for a bargain for $US40 two years ago (and altered) with Country Road cream silk cami with front ruffle and mid-length CR peach cardigan, both of which were purchased as part of spend $350 get $100 off. Flats are from Wittner, and the $5 cluster bead necklace from a market stall at my local shopping centre.

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