Friday, December 18, 2009

Colour me charcoal? Oh God no, not with my skin tone!

So we’ve just come out of yet another winter wonderland of greys, charcoals and blacks. As “black appears to be the new black“ on the London Fashion Festival catwalk, the same frosty hues are likely be back on deck in 2010. Whilst certainly dramatic (albeit way over-used people) these colours usually leave most of us with sallow complexions in a state of envy, contempt and morbid frustration. Just as knowing your body shape is an essential skill for any aspiring stylette, so too is knowing your skin tone. This will enable you to identify what colours work best for you, and what will only make you look like big sick dark void in the middle of a rainstorm.

According to my fabulous friend, Sarah who recently participated in a colour course, most skin tones take on a seasonal hue. Seasonal as in temperature not as in exposure to sunlight. With the exception of a few lucky little stylettes aka fabulous Sarah, your skin tone will either be warm or cold and as such certain colours will either complement or kill. To ensure you are in the colour know, there are courses available to identify which colours best suit your skin tone. For those of you lucky to be living in Melbourne, the one offered at CAE is by far the most cost-effective at a bargain $99, but be quick as it is currently only offered a few times a year. As for the others I Googled, they are bit pricey. If you are like me and plus two and paying threw the nose for child-care, the chances of you forking over $300 for four hours of colour, are as likely as you nipping into the Louis Vuitton store on Collins Street and buying a day bag or two.

So, invest in a copy of Trinny & Susannah’s “What not to wear will change your life” for a bit of colour guidance, or do it the old fashion way…trial and error…preferably before you buy.

CHECK IT OUT: As always, there are exceptions to every rule, so don’t be scared to compromise when you find a knock-out number that looks so hot, no-one will notice your pallid complexion. Just don’t make it a habit.

HOT TIP: The next time your are in your favourite store and are unsure what colours best suit your complexion, hold the fabric up against your skin and have a good look. Your facial skin tone will give you the best indication of what works and what looks downright scary. But, make sure the fitting rooms are well lit and against a neutral background because a coloured wall or curtain and bad lighting can distort the results. Most stores discreetly position mirrors throughout the shop front, which are usually under better light. So set up camp and away you go. Be prepared to make a few mistakes along the way but don’t worry, that’s why they invented eBay.

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