Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best laid plans don't always work

Oh crap crap crappity-crap. My fabulous new pair of pin-striped slacks from Cue was way too big around the waist. How did that happen? I only brought them a week ago. Must be all those veges. I tried to work my magic with a belt, but there was just too much gathering, puckering and excess fabric and quite frankly I looked ridiculous. So, it’s off to the tailor and a quick trip into the smallest wardrobe in the world for a new outfit! Luckily, I had my trusty purple satin Leona (Edmiston) wrap dress on hand from two seasons ago (no photo yet, but wait). All I had to do was re-coordinate my bling with a purple flower ring from Diva and sparkles from Ritual, re-apply my make-up and re-load my fail safe Guess handbag from “Casual Friday” then hit the road. The gladiator shoes looked pretty hot with this frock, and gave it the kind of funky edge I’d never tried before. How fabulous! I did nearly opt for a pair of taupe patent leather peep-toes, but they hurt my feet. Sorry Steve (Madden), sad but true. The jury is still out on the Lulu handbag by the way, and I'm not seeing anyone offer any suggestions. Perhaps if I give it away...

HOT TIP: If you have to cinch your trouser or pencil skirts in with a belt, and let’s face it, those of us with saddlebags and big bottoms usually do, my advice to you is don’t! It can make you look bigger than you really are because it bunches the fabric around your waist or hips and creates a balloon-like affect. Not attractive and very uncomfortable. Do yourself a favour and get them tailored to fit you properly, but be careful. A lot of tailors will often just run a new line of stitching down the back seam, which can completely change the shape of the garment. Ask your tailor how they intend to alter your prized procession and then discuss the options. If they won’t budge, shop around. If you are not sure where to go, ask the store from which you brought your clothes to refer someone. They are usually more than happy to help you out. Like me really.

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