Sunday, January 17, 2010

Not so casual Friday (at a bargain)

Back to work last week after being gloriously sidelined with BB2, and Friday was my first official ‘casual Friday’ in seven months. The pressure was on. Not only did I have to adhere to the traditional definition of the alternate work attire, but I had to do with style, grace and glamour. Yes, beautiful people gone are the days when I simply done a pair of well worn jeans and t-shirt. No, I made a promise to myself that I would skip convention and glam it up when it came to work. So, after a seriously mean foray into the smallest wardrobe in the world, I came up with a truly gorgeous outfit consisting of a gold, red and grey batwing silk blouse from Sussans, high waisted flares from Country Road, patent caramel brown peep toe wedges from Wittner, Guess handbag from Macys in LA and bling ring from Diva. And, true to my style, it was all bought for a bargin. Check it out...

Silk blouse, reduced from $109 to $29.95 during the post chrissie sales '09;
Jeans , $14.95 from the country road outlet at DFO South Wharf;
Wedges, reduced from $169.95 to $30 courtesy of a Wittner clearance sale over 12 months ago;
Handbag, purchased in LA for $95.00 at an exchange rate of $A0.93;
Bling ring, $14.95 during a Diva 2-for-1-sale;
Grand total $184.85

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  1. Oooh, so jealous! That outfit is gorgeous! And even better because it was such a bargain outfit. I saw nothing at Sussan at post-Chrissie sale - obviously you snapped up everything before I got there! Well done!

  2. "I think I love you... but what am I so afraid of"...... Sorry. that song came to mind when I read your "tell me what you think?". It translates to mean. I love your outfit. But I'm not afraid of anything.


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