Thursday, January 21, 2010

Finally, those heels are all mine

I love my friend Mel, really I do. She is kind, caring, and incredibly stylish and selfishly shares all her Wittner secrets with her friends. In fact, if it wasn’t for Mel then I might have missed out on buying these gorgeous Pansy-miami-glitter heels reduced from $169.95 to $34 during Wittner’s 4-day, 80 per cent off sale! I have been eying them off for months, so imagine my excitement when I walked into my local store and there they were, 80 per cent off! And just when I was thinking, I need another pair shoes. Clearly the stuff dreams are made of. I just adore them, don’t you? In fact, I adore them so much; I have created an entire outfit around them just to wear on casual Friday tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Wittner’s most fantastic sale of the century ends on Sunday, so make sure you get yourself into a store post haste. Most of the shoes on sale do have a heel and quite a dangerous heel at that (or as BB1 puts it “a sharp heel”), but if you don’t like heights, don’t be dissuaded because there is a small selection of cute flats and sandals bound to peak your interest. For my beautiful friends in Western Australia, I am as horrified as you that my all-time favourite place to shop shoes has not it made it across the Nullarbor. You can still check it out and buy on-line at

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  1. Love those shoes! It's a great photo! I popped into Wittner in Collins St and was confronted by a mish-mash of awful, ugly shoes, so clearly I don't have the eyes for a bargain! Mind you, I have my eye on two pairs of other Wittner shoes, neither of which (very inconveniently) are on sale, or look like even going on sale!


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