Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shop til you drop review (Feb '10)

The latest edition of the ‘Shop til you drop’ is a ripping publication. It’s been some months since I last invested...I was somewhat delusional in thinking that if I avoided it, I would not succumb to temptation as I was clearly on maternity leave and at the mercy of the joint bank account. Those of you who know me however, realise how ridiculous that is, because despite two babies, mortgage, maternity leave and ridiculously high child-care fees, I still went shopping as clearly evidenced by this blog. Anyway, if you haven’t yet checked out quite frankly the most fabulous shopping resource ever to behold those of us on a budget, then you simply must. It is full of fabulous fashion ideas and how to get them at any price. In particular, at a price affordable to vast majority of us, child-care or not. Usually a skimmer – you know, look at the pictures, glance at the price and then spend the next 12 hours wondering how to get one, I took my glossy little 190+ page plus friend to bed and read it cover to cover.

I love love love the monthly Reporter – six pages of the latest fashion news, know-hows and style trends. Some of which I do admit I scoffed at ‘cloud print jeans anyone!’ while others completely intrigued the more ambitious stylette in me. Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow, gotta look that up. I am also completely enamoured with “get the look for under $50!” Where? How?. Check out p42 and in particular, the white and blue geometric print dress from Alibi ($49.95). I’m thinking of buying it, what do you think? The Marcs shoes on p124 have also got my name on them, don’t you agree?

Shopping Spree: Working girl (p64) was clearly up my alley, although the sister section – 7 surprisingly office-appropriate way to wear shorts (p44), scared the hell out of me. This month also features a fab selection of on-line sites that will delight all your fashion desires, Click, Click, Shop(p106): I’m about to check out Claire Incorruptible, Jak and Jil Blog, and You must must must also take a look at I found them when I was searching for a bargain basement pair of Christian Louboutin heels. A little out of my price range, but we can dream can’t we.


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