Sunday, January 24, 2010

Perfect jeans...part 2

Ok, so we didn’t exactly “find” the perfect pair of jeans, but we did find some tremendous maybes including Bettina Liano’s curvy fit dark denims, which gave us the ‘perfect’ start. And, fabulous Sarah did buy the most gorgeous pair of shorts at 50 per cent off the lowest marked price from the Saba sale, which made her look even more spectacular than usual. After much consideration, this is what you simply must take into consideration when buying your next pair of denim duds:

1. The fit – jeans have to fit you properly otherwise you will never wear them. Trust me! Black skinny low rise jeans from Target that keep falling down...not a good look. You want them to fit well around the thigh, hips and bum, especially if they are mid-to-low rise. If you are like me and have learned to love your saddle-bags, find a good tailor who will mould the waist to your shape. They will become your best friend. The tailor and the jeans.

2. Colour – very important for girlies that are bigger down below. Dark denim looks super sensational, and if it has a faded panel in front, even better...but beware, if there is too much colour contrast at the front, it will make your thighs look bigger than they really are. Similarly, a block of colour that has no light or shade in the weave can have the same effect...and seriously, who wants that!

3. Shape – like any item of clothing, different shapes suit different silhouettes . Boot-leg jeans look hot hot hot on hour glass and pear shapes girls, where as stylettes who carry their weight up top look dead sexy in straight denims. Regardless of your shape, you can wear a skinny jean and just balance it out with what you wear up top and on your feet. As for wide-leg jeans...everyone should own a pair.

4. Fabric – We all know that a jean is a jean...and let’s face it, we all love target. But, there is something to be said for a good quality denim. The more you pay, the better the fabric and more likely, the better the fit. Bettina Liano! If you can get it at a bargain, good on you and don’t forget to tell your friends, otherwise be prepared to invest. You could have these suckers for years. Oh, and by the way, if you are hippie in any way shape or form (as in have generous hips, and not “a” hippie. Not that there is anything wrong with that) then go for denim with a bit of stretch in them, you won’t regret it.

5. Purpose – work out where you want to wear your jeans and what for because despite your best efforts, you’ll never get a wide-leg or bootleg...or even a straight leg, into your knee length boots. Trust me, I’ve tried. Way too uncomfortable and kind of dorky. If you want an everyday pair and love your little snub nose ballet shoes then buy a jean length that just skims the floor or in the case of a skinny, can be bunched around your ankle (also allowing you to wear a heel) but not too much as you’ll end up looking like a hobbit. If its heels you want, then you’ll need a longer leg, so take them with you. If dressy is you desire then dark denim is the best the way to go.

HOT TIP: If your bootie is a bit bigger than you’d like it be, hold your impending new purchase by the waist band. If the back of the jean is higher than the front, these are the jeans for you! Don’t forget denim also stretches after a couple of wears. When buying them you want them to be firm but not so too tight. My fabulous friend Sarah swears by the “squat” test, and so should the rest of us, particularly if we are usually attached to a pram!

CHECK IT OUT! Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne has undergone a pretty major transformation of late. You’ll find most denim retailers on the lower floor these days, just down a bit from Myers. My favourite new denim outlet, Bettina is located on the upper level in the shiny new section that also boasts household names like Prada, Chanel and Jimmy Choo! day!

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