Monday, May 3, 2010

Excuse Me? Do you have this in eggplant?

Eggplant, teal blue and banana gold! Who would have thought that the average, freckled faced-mother of two from the burbs who truly believed she looked ghastly in yellow would emerge beaming from a colour spectrum that included not one, but three signature colours from a kaleidoscope of delicious tints and shades that had me positively drooling over my sparkly flats. Hello nice to be back...again. As you all know I was off to have my colours done a couple of weeks ago. I was ridiculously excited almost to the point of foolishness. Not only had I stopped shopping – yes, stopped shopping! But I was insanely jealous of my wonderful friend Mel simply because she was having her colours done a week before mine. Unbelievable! I psyched myself up for the big day by deliberating on what I was going to wear. I wanted to make a good impression and live up to my expectations as a stylish, in-the-know-fashion queen who could navigate her way around an apple green. The pressure to perform was immense, and if I was completely honest absolutely ridiculous...I was about to spend an hour with an expert colour consultant who could not only identify a peach melba from one hundred feet, but then explain the psychological attraction to only wearing it on a Sunday! She was going to correct my past mistakes – of which there have been many, and fix me up with a good-looking purple. What did she care if I turned up looking like a pumpkin? It was her job to transform me into a magnificent coach whereby the magic lasted well beyond the last strike of midnight (forgive me, BB1 is obsessed with Cinderella and after proofing that sentence, it appears, so am I!). Anyway, after some minor deliberation – apparently my natural hair colour or what you could see of it (thank goodness for regrowth!) contained a decent amount of ash, a colour usually associated with cool tones and not the warm hues previously identified during the group session - it was confirmed. I am indeed a ‘warm’ or to be more precise ‘dusty warm deep’, or if you prefer late spring to mid autumn. I can wear anything bridal – as long as it’s not to minty, pink or blue, which is fabulous news considering I spent a fortune on everything peach from country road’s autumn collection last year, and all the lush muted shades of a warm autumn day in the park – teal blues and greens, eggplants, aubergines and burgundies, terracottas, raisins, cocos and greens – moss, forest, bottle and olive. I can even wear grey as long as it’s charcoal, green-grey, muted grey and grey flannel. Thank goodness for that...with all that charcoal grey in their winter and autumn collections I reckon Jacqui E and Sussan thought they’d nearly lost their most valuable customer. Ha, no chance although Veronika Maine might give them a run for their money – I want that Ocean Mist coat!

In addition to identifying my colour wheel and handing over 48 colour tags all within my range, I also learned what colours brought out my eyes, made my skin glow and hair shine. I also learned how best to apply eye-shadow, what colours to build my wardrobe around, and what to use as accents and accessories. What I can’t wear, what I must stay away from and what I have known for some time but chose to ignore is black and well to be quite honest, says Angela colour consultant extraordinaire. Why would I want too! Why indeed...clearly she hasn’t seen the brand new tuxedo suit I just purchased from Cue. What do I now do with that???

Milla’s hot tip: If you have been considering or not considering having your colours done then I have only this to say...“GO!” GOGOGOGOGO! DO NOT STOP. DO NOT COLLECT $200...actually, if you can collect $200 then do it because I can guarantee you, the first thing you will want to do when you walk away from what will be the most liberating experience of your shopping life, is go shopping. You are practically guaranteed to make your money back on the first day.

Check it out:

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