Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shop your own wardrobe part 4: to skinny or not to skinny or not at all

After going on my 30-ep bender of TLC’s What Not To Wear, I decided to take the advice of my favourite new fashion BFFs and try a jean alternative. A what? I hear you ask and I can’t say that I blame you. The notion of wearing something other than my denims on days I have free reign of the smallest -wardrobe-in-the-world was completely foreign to me too. I love my jeans, all six pairs of them to the point of obsession. They are my main-stays regardless of the shape and size – skinny leg, bootleg, wide-leg and flare. You name it, I have it (except light denims or tapered legs because they are nasty) and I simply adore them. I can dress them up with a pair of sexy heels for a glammy night on the town; pop on a pair of flats to run around with my little people; or simply add a pair of warm fluffy socks and hang out with them on the couch. What I didn’t realise however, until Stacy and Clinton pointed out was that my obsession had actually become some more than just a main-stay...they had become a fall-back for everything and that I had, unwittingly turned these fabulous creatures of comfort and style into a uniform. A daily uniform! So, when the wonderful Mel and I arranged to meet for breakie last weekend, I decided to break the denim clad addiction and launch myself into the you-know-what for a touch of retail therapy.

1. Jean alternative – I had planned on wearing the wide-leg denims I purchased from Target not long after BB2 was born. So, I substituted them with a pair of wide-legged winter pants in black and white tiny tweed. Wide-legged pants are fabulous for anyone with thighs as they skim the widest part of the leg and fall straight to the floor. I have had these slacks for about seven years. I brought them from Portman’s for about $69.95 and paid nearly $60 to have them fitted and shortened so I could wear them with flats. I made my money back the same year and more than justified the extra spend. These babies will never go out of fashion and after considerable wear and tear, they still look brand new.

2. Top – my rule of thumb is if you have width on the bottom you need to have a fitted silhouette on the top. For this en-som I chose a trusty short-sleeve tee in airforce blue which I purchased from Jacqui E four years ago. It has a cross-over neckline which creates a deep V at the chest and empire band under the E-ups. There is also gathering along the seams at each side which create some ruching, which in turn helps to disguise any lumps and bumps.

3. Layering – I’ve been watching the fourth season of the Tudors on Foxtel and am completely besotted with the fashion at court, so to give the outfit a little bit of Anne Boleyn (with her head on) I snuck a antique white tee with ruffled neckline under the Jacqui E top. I left a little bit peaking out the bottom for some contrast and a better blend with the black and white weave

4. Jacket In keeping within a complementary colour palette I added a very simple A-line cut trench in olive green, which is not pictured because my camera battery ran out!.  I brought it from Chelsea design over four years ago and wore it alot when preggie with BB1.  Interestingly everytime I did wear it, I felt sick!  Wonder what that was all about???

5. Shoes – following eggs and bacon we were headed to the park down the street, so I wore a pair of Chanel inspired off-white and black flats from my friend Diana Ferrari.

6. Jewellery – Kept it simple with a little black and crystal necklace I  created during my jewellery making days, Tudor inspired ear-rings in black and black metal - also not photoed because of said battery debarcle, and an orange plastic bangle for fun, and finally...

7. Hand-bag – what can I was a pink Hi-5 back pack.

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