Monday, August 9, 2010

Taking photos of oneself in the middle of a fashion crisis is not easy!

In two days time I’m flying to Sydney for a two-day conference on gender equity and can’t find a single thing to wear. I’m serious...I’ve just spent two hours fossicking in the smallest-wardrobe-in-the world and come up blank. It’s just awful and I’m not quite sure what to do with myself. Even my trusty SATC 2 almanac hasn’t helped. Perhaps its stress related. It will be the first time I will be a part from both of my little people for more than one night and I’m leaving them at the mercy of Dr Love’s questionable fashion sense. Last time I left Dr Love in charge he sent one off to day-care wearing her pyjamas and the other to kinder in a spencer he thought was a top. I’m not kidding; it took me days to get over it. So, rather than put myself through any further fashion torture – I’ve got no shoes either, I thought I would take pictures of myself – let me tell you what an art that is! wearing my new scarf. Cute isn’t it.

I brought this scarf from a cute little french-inspired boutique/gift shop in downtown Williamstown, whose name has completely escaped me at the mo. As we all know, I don’t often do street side boutiques, french-inspired or otherwise because I’m a bit addicted to major chain-stores. Every so often however, when the opportunity presents – usually when I’m child-free, time rich and up for a browse, I break ranks and pop into a little-known shop and for a look ‘round. As this occasion proved, I should really do it more often because as we all know from my last post; I quite like a bit of French and Williamstown does them in spades. Not only that, but I also came up trumps with a weekend scarf that just happens to be in one of my signature colours. Oh yay for me.

Complete impulse-buy of course, I am after all reverse saving but with a 30 per cent store-wide promotion it was well within my fortnightly spend of $30. The colour – egg plant, was definitely what attracted my attention. It practically screamed my name from among all other scarfs that were draped against the back wall. I remember Angela telling me that once I became aware of my signature colours I will start to attract them and she’s not half wrong. It was like a beacon of light in a sea of darkness and I simply had to have it. So I did.

Clearly it’s not an accessory that I would wear in a glammy moment. With the tartan-inspired weave and fringing, it’s more a run around the park with the little people or trek the UK country-side in October kind of accessory. Nor does it really go with my forest green Abercrombie and Fitch tee! Even if I was just playing around to ease my tormented I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear-in-Sydney mind, what was I thinking?  Much better with my marine navy Copper Street blouse with the empire tie. Think I might go get changed.

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