Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Breaking up is hard to do...

I never thought I would ever – and I stress the word ‘ever’, hear myself say move over Trinny and Susannah because Stacy and Clinton are in town! Hi everyone, been a bit under the weather lately and despite a record number of days in trackie-pants and long-sleeve tees, you’ve never been far from my thoughts. Now, for those fabulous fashionistas not in the know, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are the hosts of the TLC’s What Not to Wear, the American version of BBC’s hit little style show that launched the infamous dynamic duo Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine, the latter of whom by the way, allegedly snogged the Viscount Linley when canary yellow power suits and bedazzled shoulder pads were first in vogue. Seriously, I got straight from the opening chapters of the ‘Palace Diaries.’ OMG, can you imagine the shock! Anyway it is fair to say that the glam queens of the British high streets were single-handedly responsible for dragging your favourite and friendly style queen in training out of a black den of cheap and nasty fashion iniquity and into the light, and for that I am greatly indebted. As such, when I sat down to watch the first showing of the nasty style wannabes I was determined, out of principal; I was not going to like it. An hour later however, I was head over heels in love with my first big crush since discoving Fluevog Mary-Janes, and breaking off a six year relationship that endured a multitude of fashion faux pas. Who knew that I would be so captivated by the savvy saviours of American apparel and their entertaining, and often humorous blend of style know-how, touching compassion and down-right style sarcasm that they would surpass my best buds as style icons of choice!

What I like most about Stace and Clint - I’ve been on a TLC WNTW bender since embarking on a 30 episode marathon courtesy of Foxtel IQ and feel as though we are now on a shortened first-name basis - is the common sense approach to getting on with your life whilst looking smoking hot. The shows are jammed pack with great advice on not only what you should buy for your body shape but why! There is less emphasis on magic knickers and a perfectly fitted bra, which is OK for people like me who have been well and truly indoctrinated into the wonderful world of a good pair of Triumphs (but not so good for the clueless), and more talk about doing things differently. Like jeans. Apparently, when you are not working or frocking up for a dazzling night on the town with Dr Love, jeans are not your only option!! Really!!! Stace is also big into walking shorts – which basically are well tailored knee length trousers that look positively scrumptious with flats and heels for the yummy mummy on the go. Just so happens that I am a big fan of walking shorts and have a pair that I will never part with despite my many affirmations to the contrary. Where T&S openly concentrate on apparel and then role out their newly put-together glam queenettes complete with hair and make-up, Stacy and Clinton are ably supported by hair-dresser Nick Orojo (earlier eps, I haven't seen the new guy yet) and make-up artist, Carmindy who has provided little moi' with a brand new aresnal on making the most of my favourite and not so favourite facial features.

And the best bit...you can buy the DVD.

Stacy and Clinton, check them out. I dare you not the love them too... http://tlc.discovery.com/tv/what-not-to-wear/

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