Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Long live the LBD...does it come in teal too?

There are many reasons why I like my friend Anna, and her latest introduction to Sacha Drake is just one of them. Now, as we all know I am a bit of a main-stream-chain-store-big shopping-centre-retail-type of girl because I’m far too busy for my own good and on the odd occasion, rather lazy. Every so often however, I take the time to step out of my own comfort zone and check out something new. For those not in the know, like myself, Sacha Drake is a Brisbane based designer with a super snazzy website that allows you to search from a collection of fabulous frocks based on your body shape, and we all know I love a good body shape. Imagine my excitement when I realised all I had to pop in a few measurements and wallah...instant glamathon. Despite my recent tirade on all things neutral – kind of weird actually considering I did go into Witchery today and came out with a simply spectacular silk blouse in cream with little black spots reduced to $49.95 courtesy of my ‘boarding pass’ discount (remind me to show you that sometime and yes, before you say anything I did go over my fortnightly budget!), Sacha Drake can be forgiven for doing most things in black...apparently she is the queen of the LBD so in this instance its allowed particularly as many of her frocks are glammy statement pieces and not your usual run of the mill apparel.

It’s fair to say that Sacha had me with the Antigone asymmetrical black dress at $249.00 (pictured above). If you are going to splash out and buy yourself a LBD then you really want it to look like this one, don’t you because let’s face it, if you wore that dress you could pretty get whatever you wanted out of life. Isn’t that right Dr Love? If that wasn’t enough however, she sealed the deal with the teal florian dress for $175.00. Teal...what luck, that just happens to be smack bang in the middle of my colour wheel. It also comes in red and black. I absolutely love this website for its feminine appeal and if you are like me and love a good frock, then you are going to have an absolute ball perusing all this lady has to offer. There is definitely more colour in some of her newer designs and her range broadens to include cute little wrap dresses, 1950s silhouettes and gorgy evening wear. Most of her designs are adaptable for a number of different body shapes and waist-lines courtesy of cleverly placed belts and wraps. I do like a cleverly placed belt and wrap, don’t you? There is a snazzy little guide to locating a friendly stockist and if that fails you can order on line.

How fabulous. Then again, what would I know...I’m reverse saving remember!

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  1. Very elegant! And - I am probably wearing a teal wrap dress to the Best and Fairest! Economical, too. I wore it to the same thing three years ago...but given staff turnover, WHO would know??? :)

    I like them all - but probably not the red one. Spotty one with fluttery sleeves is nice.

  2. I know your body-shape lovely Lynda...second from the left (the olive green) is my pick for you. You would look stunning but yes, the spotty one is cute too. So, are you tempted??
    MFS xxx


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