Friday, August 6, 2010

Nine little clutches equal a whole lot of love

Inspired by a photograph of Corto Moltedo clutch bags that was posted by my blog idol, Liberty London Girl a few days ago, I decided to drag out of the storage space on top of the smallest wardrobe in the world all my clutches and post them for your viewing pleasure. But, after posting my last blog on my frustration over neutrals, I clearly need to have a good long hard look at myself. Despite this oversight in my clutch buying exploits, I love a good clutch. There is something so chic about holding a delicately adorned and fashioned mini-bag in the palm of your hand en-route to a night out with the girls or super soiree with Dr Love and you don’t have to pay a fortune for them. I didn’t. I love everything about them despite the fact that once you’ve squeezed your iphone in, you have no room for anything else!

My first clutch purchase happened about 7 years ago. Up until then I was completely clueless and used Dr Love’s suit pockets to carry all my night-on-the-town wears! It was this gorgeous, vintage inspired oblong heavily adorned with silver sea-beads (Milleni). As you can see, it’s taken a beating from the years from use with broken threads and lost beads. But I still love it and will when I get around to it, will repair it so it can shine in glory again. I’m fairly certain when they are old enough BB1 and BB2 will thank me for my endurance.

This little brown satin clutch is a classic and something everything girl should have in her wardrobe (Olga Berg). I brought this to wear to a fashion parade function three years ago. It was my first night out with the girls since swapping my 35 handbags for an oversized nappy bag. For this particular occasion, I glammed it up with a monochromatic look in chocolate brown. The bag complimented a choccie brown dress which I wore with nude coloured peep-toes and a cute pair of brown-burgandy crystal ear-rings. Sadly, this is the only reminder I have of that particular outfit.

This little gold sequins pouch is an absolute cutie and has that often sought after vintage appeal (unknown) . Funny story surrounding this little number actually...I was on the Gold Coast (poor me) attending a conference as part of my day job and realised I’d forgotten to bring to clutch for the congress night-life. Clearly it was something that I needed to have so I nipped into the hotel based store and picked myself up a little gem. It was the only time I had to dip my hand into my purse for the entire trip! Aren’t I lucky?

I’d been eying off this dusty coral pink clutch in my local Jacqui E for weeks but simply could not justify the spend. I know, a little weird for me don’t you think? Truth was, at the time I was after a little red clutch to complement a lovely post-preggie dress I had purchased from Leona Edmiston for a work function with Dr Love and as I was not working then felt as though I should try and show some restraint at the very least. Lucky for me I found it three months later at the Jacqui E clearance store at DFO South Wharf reduced from $59.95 to $14.95. Restraint over, it had to be mine.

Every girl should have at least one red clutch and this is mine (Kate Hill). Would you believe it is the only one I could find in the whole week leading into the gala dinner Dr Love and I attended. I don’t mind it, it’s cute but it also has a few wine stains on fabric that I can’t remove. I knew I should have brought that hard, faux crocodile leather covered little cube from that random boutique I spotted at South Bank. It would have wiped clean.

I can’t for the life of me remember what the hell I brought this clutch for, but it’s the kind of mini-bag that every girl should have (Olga Berg). Smart, sophisticated, classic and in a pretty shade of champagne gold that goes with anything.

These classic fabric clutches were both gifts last Christmas. The black was given to me by my very stylish sister-in-law Carol two years ago after we attended the races together and she was appalled to find out I owned not one black clutch nor one with bling. The other I purchased from Jacqui E on behalf of Dr Love to give to me last Christmas. It was designed to glam up a day dress but I haven’t had the chance to use it yet.

This was my most recent clutch purchase. I brought this clutch on complete impulse because I had fallen in love with it at first sight. There it was, perched precariously on the edge of the Jacquie E clearance store counter at DFO South Wharf screaming at me to take it home and give it some love, and give it some love I have. It is my favourite.
Don’t you just love it?

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