Monday, August 23, 2010

And as for Sunday...I wore a neutral!!

I have a few minutes while I wait for the little people to drift off to sleep and the tea to draw from the bag, so I thought I would continue from where I left off earlier in the day and talk about Sunday. What a lovely day. It was Dr Love’s mum’s 80th birthday party so drove over the Westgate via the Cheesecake Shop to celebrate with the in-laws. I deliberated widely over what I was going to wear for said celebration and the brand new witchery top that I purchased with a ton of guilt last Tuesday came up trumps from the contents of the smallest-wardrobe-in-the-world. Have to tell you a little story about this top actually, especially considering my recent rant against neutrals! Truth is, I popped down to my local Witchery store last week after being sucked into their current ‘boarding pass’ promotion. The boarding pass, which I secured out of the latest edition of InStyle, contained an unknown dollar amount that would only be revealed after a minimum $40 purchase. Being the sucker that I am for a good bargain and free discount voucher, I bundled BB2 into the Honda and drove the distance reasoning with myself that I needed a new pair of bootleg jeans because the Calvin Kleins that I brought for a song in the USA two years were way to out of date and I simply couldn’t wait until London in October. Anyway, cut a long story short I had absolutely no luck on the bootlegs although I did try on a pair of straight legs that were a little on skinny side. They weren’t all together a bad jean except the size 12 was way too tight and the size 14 way too big, which meant they kind of sucked and it was time to move on...straight to tops that were on sale. I had told myself a number of times of the last few weeks that I was sadly lacking in a blouse that was made from something other than tee-shirt material and that it was time to branch out and buy some silk. So I did and I’m so completely in love with it that I’m thinking of wearing it every day for a week. Despite it being a neutral.

It absolutely fabulous with my dark blue pair of skinny jeans from Sussan, and the cream coloured ear candy and turquoise blue bangle for a touch of colour floated seamlessly out of the jewellery draw to join the party. Now all I needed were the shoes. Hmm, dilemma. I was the habit of only wearing ballet flats or boots to family affairs...all the better to chase the kids around the house but I really wanted to break out of the norm and try something different. The thought of whacking on a pair of sky-scrapper heels however, were a little less than pleasing on a relaxing Sunday with the rellies. Enter the Fluevogs, which I must admit despite looking sadly worn and torn still manage to attract a crowd. I was introduced to the Fluevog in 2003 by a work colleague with an impeccable sense of fashion. In fact, it was because of said work colleague that I am now the fabulous fashionista you read today...if not for her I may still be stuck in Big W hunting down a five dollar bargain before moving next door to Best and Less for a little bit more...not that there is anything wrong with that. I completely adore my Fluevogs. They are the perfect glam alternative for running after little ones because they have a strong and sturdy heel with rubber soles yet haven’t adored my tootsies for at least three years, which is really kind of Stupid on my behalf because every time I wear them I get comments. See Dr Love, I told you people look at your feet! Now all they need is a touch up and they’ll be good as new. As for the party, we had a fabulous time and so did the mother-in-law.  Happy Birthday xx

If you are interested in a little bit of Fluevog, then you buy them from Sole Devotion in Prahran and Melbourne in Victoria, and Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Click on the link for more information.

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