Thursday, September 2, 2010

I have a plan

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post and I have no excuse other to say that I have completely blow up my reverse saving budget and have been drowning in my own guilt. I even tried to hide the evidence from the latest spend (Tuesday) but Dr Love found it (Veronika Maine bag), which to be quite frank wasn’t very hard...I left it sitting on a chair the back door. What was I thinking?...I have a lot of clothes...he probably would never have noticed the new stuff! I know I’m weak. I know I have no staying power and even less self-control, but I simply couldn’t help myself or wait the remaining 37 days until I hit the UK and high street heaven. But it’s not all my fault. I blame Stacey and Clinton too. Really I do. I’m still catching up on the 30 plus episode marathon of TLC’s What Not Wear...there is a new ep everyday and I desperately needed to re-stock the upper-half of the smallest-wardrobe-in-the-world with something other than tee-shirt material because without the magic knickers tee-shirt material clings and I need suitable backups that float away from the body! I know my wonderful friend Mel understands. She went through something similar before her own holiday to New York earlier in the year and between us we firmly believe it’s an illness. Both of us are sick of not having anything to wear! I know, I know. It was failed attempt at humour but I couldn’t resist. The problem with spending money before you go on holiday during which you are sure to shop some more...Hello Zara, so nice to make your acquaintance... is that you have less with which to spend and more opportunity for credit card guilt.  That said however, I have assured Dr Love that I have a plan, and if it’s one thing you can always guarantee about is I will always have a plan. No kidding. I even had plans to give up smoking 11 years ago that included graphs and pie-charts (thank you to Lovely Lynda from Lilac and Lavendar for that long forgotten but amusing memory). I am to plans what Dr Love is to lists...he practically makes them in his sleep and it drives me mental. Anyway, my plan is this...

...if you (me) are a tad short on cash and bit long on buyer’s remorse (even if it was on sale) and you (me) lack suitable suitcase space in which to spend large because you remember you are also required to pack and shop at Gap Kids for the little people, then make a list...yes Dr Love, a list... of things you really want to supplement or replace in your existing wardrobe with and stick to it. Take the Calvin Klein jeans for example. They are a bit outdated and look sad, so on the list goes a new pair of bootleg jeans. I also would like a couple of good quality cardigans...cashmere in point two and dot point three. Get the idea? It’s easy, right? Wrong! I am completely freaked out over the prospect of stifling my shopping prowess. What if I blow the list in the first three days? Then what? Three shop-less-weeks with two female cousins dying to experience an MFS experience? I don’t think so...! Right, quite clearly, I need to go back to the drawing board and think about this some more. Talk to you later...MFSxx

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