Thursday, September 9, 2010

Long lost shoes

While I take a few days to get my head around my plan for shopping in the UK...what a melt-down, seriously you’d think I was an award-winning drama-queen rather than a budding style-queen... I thought I would have a little shop in the smallest-wardrobe-in-the-word and reacquaint myself with some long lost shoes. It’s always very exciting when you rediscover forgotten treasure, which to be honest isn’t hard when you own 57 pairs of shoes that are stacked in unmarked boxes on top of each other in three separate spaces. I will admit that 57 pairs of shoes is pocket change to many Imelda Marcos-types around the world, but let us not forget that I do quite possibly own the most ridiculous wardrobe in the world despite the ring-in from the shop around the corner so space is an issue. Plus, it has come to my attention (and nose!) that in recent times I have also fallen victim to the 90/10 rule... I wear 10 per cent of my collection 90 per cent of the time and the other 90 per cent only on the odd occasion. It’s kind of strange considering I do love a good shoe and have been known to advocate on more than one occasion that one can never have enough pairs of shoes. There are many reasons why one would deprive themselves of their collection of blanket, uniform substitute, plain laziness to name a few but I probably should address it sometime soon because I’m betting that as you are reading this, you are nodding because it sounds familiar. Anyway, I was rather chuffed with the outcomes of my treasure hunt and couldn’t quite believe the jewels I uncovered...some of them, I suspect would even be on the verge of vintage if the cobwebs were anything to go by. Let’s check them out:

Luzia Mirnar denim heels with burgundy crocodile feature and kitten heels, purchased approx. 9 years ago. I was only saying to myself the other day that I needed a pair of kitten heels with pointy toes. Pointy toes are a great way of elongating a leg particularly when you have a thicker ankle and/or calves. Not really an issue in my case because I have hilariously skinny ankles. Pointy toes are also a great way of slimming down a thicker foot and making a shorter foot appear longer...this works well for me as my shoe size is a little small for my height so it helps to balance me out a bit more. Plus they look spectacular and at the end of the day, that’s what I’m after.

A pair of Micam muted hot pink pointy toe shoes with smaller kitten heels, purchased approximately 8 years ago from my first and only foray into Brand Smart. I discovered DFO not long after. If it’s one thing the Governor-General and I have in common is a mutual love of hot pink. Sadly for me it is not a colour that bodes well with freckles but put it on my feet and its whole new, fabulous story.

A pair of pretty printed fabric t-straps with cork heels, purchased from Harrods in London in 2005: When Mother Fox and I embarked on our mother-daughter adventure five years ago, I had but one goal, to purchase a pair of shoes from Harrods. Imagine my excitement when I discovered on the day of the said purchase, the department store of my dreams was having a clearance sale so I brought three pairs of heels not just one.

Another pair of printed fabric t-straps with leather lattice detail also purchased from Harrods in 2005: Every girl should have at least one pair of multi-coloured printed shoes for a bit of contrast when they are currently obsessed with buying and wearing block colours everywhere else. Ah Harrods... the memory of floating through a door, held open by an elegantly clad door man, while holding three green bags en-route to a black cab (right after I visited the Dodi and Di memorial) lives on forever. See you in October.

Blue heels with ankle strap, brought in New York in 2002: It boggles my mind as to why I only brought one pair of shoes on my first visit to New York eight years ago. I hit all the hot spots so it wasn’t as though I didn’t have ample opportunity. It must have been a storage issue....the six handbags I purchased on Canel Street clearly took up way too much space.


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