Sunday, September 26, 2010

Where does Milla Fox Shop?

Today, Jacqui E and at 30 per cent off already reduced prices who could begrudge me such a bargain.

It occurred to me that in my entire bargain hunting-slash-shopping glory over the past few months, I have neglected to reveal my fabulous finds on the day I find them, as I had in the past. So, I have decided to re-instate examples of my shopping prowess under a new title...where does Milla Fox Shop so I can not only share the treasures that are out there to be had, but also disclose where to find them and at what price. Genius huh! I haven’t decided yet whether I should make this an exclusive MFS blog post, or utilise the MFS facebook page for fast fashion tips and shopping finds as they occur. Perhaps I should do both?? What do you think?

Anyway, I was only saying to myself the other day that I really needed a short-sleeve cardigan with a kind of camoflage-slash-animal print and it wasn’t as though it was an impulse buy. I went in, walked out and came back later. So what if I was contemplating a knee length denim skirt or ruffled blouse? Sometimes the best buys happen when you least expect them. AND, it was only $41.95 so I clearly needed to have it on principal. As we all know I do like a good Jacquie E, but have to admit the lack of colour and concentration on neutrals of late has driven me to distraction. On this particular occasion however, a good neutral is a smart find. I can practically wear it with anything. The purchase was also a good lesson in trying something on even if you don’t think it will suit your body shape. Normally I wouldn’t waste my time on anything that I thought would end at the widest part of my thigh, which as we all know will only make it wider. But the shape and cut of this cardi, particularly when left unbuttoned, highlighted all the right areas and cleverly disguised the others. I also love the three quarter length sleeves. Fabulous for hiding those budding bingo-wings when the sun comes out of hiding. This is the kind of outerwear that can be worn for myriad of occasions...with jeans, with a pencil skirt, with walking shorts (by the way Witchery have a nice selection of walking shorts albeit in black!) and even buttoned up with a belt for work. I’m wearing it to drinks with friends this afternoon.

For something completely floral arrangement my fabulous friend Chris put together for me. It's arranged using silk flowers in a second hand cermanic vase I picked up from an op-shop several years ago for $5. Dr Love and I both suffer hayfever so it’s an allergists’ dream and the best thing...will last forever. Chris has recently started her own little silk floristry business and sells arrangements priced from $35 up to $200+ depending on size and design.  She will sell arrangements as made or make one up to your specification, which she did with mine. This one cost me about $75, which when you think about the cost of artificial flowers, its a complete bargain. I just gave her the vase, a couple of flowers and a fabric sample from my dining chairs and she worked her magic to perfection.  I've got some photos of other arrangements Chris has crafted, which I will post at a later date, but if you are interested in more information just leave me a message or send me an email.  As for my arrangement, thanks's like having a little bit of the french province in my own home.  I love it.  MFSxxx

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