Thursday, September 30, 2010

Every dud knicker has a silver lining

The jury is out on the super slim magic knickers by CLiO. Actually, they are so far out that they have left the building altogether. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate these at a lowly three. Despite being comfortable on across the thigh and bum, I have spent the vast majority of the day pulling them up!!! Very annoying. A magic knicker, once on, should not move and should certainly not leave an unsightly bump across the back as they roll down. Completely defeats the purpose. Not sure whether to throw caution to the wind and try Holeproof’s high waisted body-shaper, available for $24.99 from Big W or cut my losses and visit the Bendon outlet at DFO South Wharf for another pair of Naomi & Nicole. Decisions, decisions!

On a more positive note, I took nearly all the accessories from the 'Outfit by Grandma' last week – black tights, Steve Madden peep toe shoes with red mary-jane strap, resin and wooden bangles and dangly ear-rings made by moi’ and added this cute dress by Wish and Guess handbag for a whole new outfit. To be fair, I took this photo at the end of the day so I was looking rather dishevelled, and I really must remember to tidy my bedroom if I’m going to take photographs of myself in the mirror! On the upside, I’m very excited about this dress. I brought it three years ago for my cousin Kate’s wedding (of the Brady Bunch tee-shirt fame) and have only just been able to fit back into it despite the E-cups! By the end of the day the buttons at the bust were pulling just a bit, but nothing a couple of small press-studs can’t fix.

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