Saturday, October 9, 2010

Four hours and counting....

Make no mistake boys and girls, when I return from my much anticipated holiday to the UK and Paris, I will be bringing back at least three new pairs of shoes and a couple of handbags!  And that, my friends, is being generous.  We are only a few hours away from lift off, and so far everything has gone according to least it will if I can find the teeny tiny pink mary-jane shoe that has been missing since lunch time!  I had fully intended on banging out a couple of pre-holiday blog posts prior to take-off but the week has been somewhat hectic and suddenly here we are.  Sadly I won’t have time to impart my thoughts and feelings on compromising one’s wardrobe for the sake of touring the streets of some far off and exotic lands in comfort.  Instead you’ll just have to trust my judgement and believe me when I tell you, tourist or no tourist I will not be resorting as I have on previous trips to pair of non-descript denims and runners!  I will however endeavour to post as I go and share with you some of my finds and plenty of my adventures.  Until then fabulous fashionistas...bon voyage.

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