Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blinded by Baker...Ted Baker

Eight years ago Dr Love took me to the Europe for the very first time.  It was unforgettable.  So many sights, so many memories and so many fabulous things that I still to this day regret not buying.  So when we touched down at Heathrow two weeks ago I vowed and declared that despite my modest budget, if I came across something so wonderful that I simply couldn't live without, then I was going to buy it.  So I did.  This is my Ted Baker jacket.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I saw it on my first visit to John Lewis (the David Jones of the UK) and fell instantly in love and really...can you blame me.  It was a bright beacon, calling to me just as soon as the automatic doors announced my arrival.  Blinded by it's oh so glamorous beauty, I made a bee-line straight to it and began searching out the price. was a tad pricey...£199 pounds pricey to be exact (approx. $320) and I was a bit shy on forking out so much money so early in the adventure.  But oh how it haunted me.  It was one my colours after all and when you find something in one of your colours you simply have to give it due consideration, even if it does bite into a big chunk of your budget.  So after much consideration and irrational promises around a more concerted effort to reverse save, I brought it and I am so glad I did, because when I climbed onto the Eurostar enroute to Paris with my new Ralph Lauren jeans and navy converse sneakers, I looked fabulous. Au Reviour MFS xxx

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  1. You ARE fabulous, and this jacket is gorgeous! (mind you, this comes from someone whose 'manager' - phhht! - told her she looked 'so Christmassy' today. I countered with 'actually, I thought my ensemble captured the summer picnic tablecloth theme rather well...'

    Yep, that floral top's being ditched. Continue your fabulousness, and bring its aura back home to us soon! xoxo



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