Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cardigans and colour...your new best friends

OK, so this is not the I love Sussan #5 finale – I am going to save that for another day because the blouse I plan to feature in that particular ensem. is hiding out and waiting for a wash. No, this is an extra special Sussan bonus that magically transformed my usual hurried gait into a saltry strut about town. The jeans were featured in the Weekend in Paris catalogue (most of which is currently on sale people, so don’t delay) and the cardigan from its follow up, The Great Escape. The cami, whilst a personal favourite is from Country Roads’ autumn 2009 collection AND can be had at 40 per cent of the lowest marked price from your nearest DFO. Check out the cuff – it’s actually a skinny belt that I’ve hoarded for years, looped around my ridiculously skinny wrist several times; an idea that came courtesy of Gok Wan’s Fashion Fix. Love that man! Yay Gok! I wore this gorgy outfit to a barbecue recently and hit the “I feel fabulous” jackpot, and it was all due not to the most perfect jeans on the planet but to colour and more specifically cardigan colour.

Yes, people my friend the wonderful Mel and I followed the example set by the fabulous Sarah and her gorgeous pal Jess and enrolled in the CAE’s colour course for the ride of our wardrobe life. For four fabulous hours we embarked on a journey of colour history and philosophy. Together with eight other gorgeous fashionistas-in-training we learned about signature colours, talked about feelings and discussed and mused over reflection and harmony. We were shown a montage of colours and asked which one we could smell – yes smell...for me it was the soft metal and stone...calm colours, zen colours, quite clearly I-need-to-calm-the-heck-down-and-find-some-peace-from-buying-all-this-black-kind-of-colours. Then one by one we stepped up to the mirror, anxious in anticipation, giggling with excitement and somewhat embarrassed because we were mostly all wearing black, except Mel, she looked fabulous in choccie brown and beiges, as we learned what colour to wear, and what colours to not!

Now, I am a deep dusty warm ...oooh! Doesn’t that sound fab? I suit autumn know oranges (of which I have none); forrest greens (also of which I have none); brown and pink burgundies (nope); and lovely tomato reds (huh?). I least suit navy (whoops, country road jumper dress!), dark grey (oh oh, trench coat), pale rose pink (doh) and black (know it, but lately can’t stop buying it!). It was ever so exciting and motivated me to nip home, drag the new bright red three-quarter sleeve, double breasted jacket I had just picked up from the great WIP catalogue and take it back. You heard me, take it back and I am oh so glad because in its place I picked up this the most scrumptious cardi ever churned off a Sussan production line. Just look at it, isn’t it gorgeous – three quarter puffed sleevess and drape front that hits the sweet spots in all the right places. But even more important, it’s bang on colour and my freckles love me for it. Yours will too.

Check it out: Reside in Melbourne and want to follow in our stylish, mistake free-from-now-on footsteps then log on to and search colour coordination in fashion (course code DNS22302). The next course in on Saturday, 22 May from 11am – 3.00pm, and cost is $99 per person. Trust me; you’ll make that back on the same day!

But don’t stop there: Sounds a little bit like "but wait there’s more, a set of steak knives" really doesn’t it! Anyway, for an extra $150 you can follow up with a personal session where the lovely Angela will identify your signature colour, advise you of the right make-up colours for day and night, accents and hair colours. AND you get your very own key-tags complete with all your very best colours that will have heads turning toward your direction at 100 feet. I’ve got my session this weekend, so I’ll let you know how it goes. Cost is $150...oh thank you Dr Love...happy birthday to me.


  1. Can't wait to hear how your personal colour session goes! I'm always questioning what my colours are!

  2. I'm the complete opposite to you (i am a deep winter) and the colours that least suit you suit me better :)

  3. Hi Lydia, great to hear from you. Thank you so much for popping in. My wonderful friend is a deep winter. Her colours are amazing. Isn't it so liberating knowing what colours to buy. Has completely changed the way I shop and where I shop. Such a good investment.


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