Friday, April 2, 2010

I love Sussan outfit no. hard-drive rude!

Hi kids. It’s been a long time between Sussan outfits hasn’t it, and I have only this to offer as an hard-drive died...eep! Can you feel my pain? It was terrible. I had so many fantastic fashion secrets and memorable shopping moments to share with you – oh my gawd, where to start...and no way to share them; a fashionista’s worst nightmare. Seriously, even trying to do justice to this magnificent little outfit up against ugly green carpet pales in comparison. I was so perturbed; I nearly threw out three pairs of perfectly fabulous shoes in frustration! Thankfully they survived to tell the tale, and so did let’s get started...

Let me introduce you to the belated, but official I love Sussan outfit number 3! Isn’t it gorgeous? I will admit that it really was hard to do it justice on the carpet because of the shape and texture of the fabrice, but the lady who ran up the street to ask me where I got my shoes – Wittner, where else! – thought it was fabulous and quite frankly so do I, so you might just have to take my word for it. I wore this to work on casual Friday two weeks ago. As a rule of thumb, I would not normally team floating fabric up top with billowing fabric down the bottom. It is the quickest and easiest way to lose our shape particularly when we pack some killer curves. The cinch belt would usually be our best friend in this situation, but it was a stinking hot day and the thought of three inch elastic glued to my rip-cage was a kin to having a quick dip in a hot pot of boiling clag. Ew! Lucky for me, this particular trapeze blouse has a natural empire cut to its shape via the slim fit across the bodice and front yoke. By tying this gorgeous silk scarf into a big bow around my neck and drawing attention upward, I salvaged the hour-glass silhouette underneath. Don’t you love it?. ..Sussan scarves are so under –rated. Now the trousers – harem inspired pedal pushers, were purchased from my back-up Sussan store just prior to Christmas. I must admit, I did exactly what my wonderful friend Mel’s DH warned against! I brought the price not the item. They had been reduced from something ridiculous to $30 and out of principal I had to have them. Of course it didn’t matter than I had not long earlier purchased a similar pair of charcoal silk duds from Country Road, or that ¾ tapered trousers with front pleats are an absolute no-no for anyone with a bum, tum and thighs...they just make everything look bigger, except your legs, which in this case look shorter!...they were $30 dollars for goodness sake! While the length of the top did an exceptional job at hiding the front pleats, to make them really work I pulled the bottom hem to just under my knees to elongate my legs and circumvent the tapered effect which really would have made my bum look like that launching pad for the 747 I spoke of in my welcome. I added my absolutely spectacular Wittner platforms – the very ones that had a complete stranger sprinting up the street and I’m thinking of having bronzed when they can no longer be worn, threw on a couple of favourite little bangles and grabbed the failsafe pewter handbag by Guess. Really, how can you not love Sussan??? Check it out...

Sussan cotton trapeze blouse, reduced to $29.95 and paid for via a $50 VIP voucher (Free)
Sussan harem inspired pedal-pushers, reduced to $30.00 during a 20 per cent off the lowest marked price sale
Sussan silk scarf, reduced to $14.95 during a 50 per cent off the lowest marked price sale
Orange plastic bangle from Diva, $5
Black wooden bangle from Bardot, $5
Wittner platforms, $40 from DFO outlet
Guess handbag, Christmas present from Dr Love
Total price: $95

Check it out: Following on from Sussan’s oh-so magnificent Weekend in Paris catalogue, Sister Sue’s “The Great Escape” does not disappoint. This convenient hand-bag sized little booklet will have you nipping down to your local during your lunch break just so you can nab yourself some luxurious knits in scrumptious neutrals, stunning salmon, brick and dark plums! Yummy. Check out the look on pg 3. I’ve just scooped up a ¾ length sleeve cardi in this exact shade and am going back for the scarf. The streets of Paris by day and French country-side by night...I want that bag on p4. Its double points for all your Sussan VIPs...don’t delay...your next $50 voucher is only a cardigan or two away.

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