Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Its not the size that's important. It's what you do with it!

I was standing in front of my wardrobe yesterday contemplating my work-from-home-attire when it struck me that maybe...just actually believes it really is the smallest wardrobe in the world. If it was, I hear you ask, how you do continually roll out outfit upon outfit upon ensemble with reckless abandon and still lay such a claim? Simple, I tell you. It just takes good planning, fabulous organisation that you will not see replicated in any other part of my house (or life, seriously I’m so aesthetically relaxed it’s beyond ridiculous!) and a lot of sharing with Dr Love! You see, my wardrobe measures a paltry 99cm (39“) from wall to wall and only half of that allows for hanging long garments such as dresses or jackets. I also own 57 pair of shoes. Not many by Emelda’s standard, but still takes considerable amount of storage space never-the-less. Now I will admit that because Dr Love has storage issues of his own, we splashed out last year and acquired a little two door locker from the shop around the corner. This has afforded me another 43cm (17”) of hanging space which I reserve for my dresses, and room for approximately 10 pairs of shoes. Oh yes, and there is also the built-in single wardrobe in BB2s room, which Dr Love and I share with BB2 in a collage of winter coats, evening dresses, miniature frocks and smocks and other baby-type paraphernalia that is no longer in use. Even with a combined total of 172 cm (98”) it is hardly appropriate for a budding style queen from the suburbs, but what is a girl supposed to do? This...

I store all of my shoes in boxes, so I can stack them one on top of the other, although it does mean sacrificing long garment hanging space in the main storage area, affectionately known as the you-know-what. Flip flops and other summer sandals with little substance are thrown (with great care) into a basket that sits on top of the shared cupboard from the shop around the corner. All of my shirts, blouses, tops and cardigans that cannot be reasonably folded into the one draw that is currently operational in the shared cupboard hang off slim wooden coat hangers procured from the reject shop for $2.50 for a bunch of 5. I don’t do wire or plastic hangers because they are nasty. Trousers and skirts hang off double metal clamp hangers in a two-for-one kind of way, and jeans and trackie pants and tops are folded and sit on top of the little set of built-in draws which allow for approximately two sets of bras, three knickers and a hanky such is their relevance! Day dresses I hang in the shared space alongside scarves. A few months ago I purchased three French inspired coat and hat hooks that I attached to the side of the shared space, which provide a fitting home for my in-use handbags, a few hats (that I never wear) and the fabulous winter coat I brought from Cue for 50 per cent off the lowest marked price. Other handbags and clutches hang out in second storage space above TSWITW together three pairs of boots, which all require the kitchen ladder whenever I decide to use them. Belts and necklaces hang from an over-the-door rail also purchased from the reject shop for $2.50 and socks, tights, stockings and gloves are stored in a wicker cube with lid that I brought from target about six year ago that also serves as a door stop and mini table for a book and box of tissues!

But that’s not all. I’m a huge advocate of seasonal storage and three years ago began to pack up all my anti-seasonal attire that cannot be realistically accommodated in the varying degrees of hot or cold weather. A simple suitcase stored under a bed is a perfect solution. Storing your fluffies when it’s hot or your next-to-nothings when it’s cold is a great way of forgetting what you have and then getting excited when you find it again. It is also a fantastic way to help you part with something you should, but can’t like those favourite pair of jeans or the Alannah Hill cardigan you spent a fortune on that faded, stretched and unravelled in the wash despite following all instructions. Put it away for a few months and when you eventually pull it out, you wondered why you kept it in the first place.

So, there you go. It’s not the size that matters but what you can do with it!
Happy organising.


  1. Oh oh. I feel messy!!!...and I only have about a dozen pairs of shoes....I think I need to revisit my wardrobe ugh of 'tidy piles' sufficing!

  2. I wish my wardrobe were that organised! A heavy Zara platform shoe fell on my head when I opened it the other day, it really hurt!


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