Friday, January 29, 2010

You can't afford to miss out on...

I have three words for you ladies and There I was, innocently perusing the eboutique section of the Shop Til You Drop website – just for fun you understand, when out popped this treasure-trove of on-line fashion neatly categorised into easy to find departments at prices appealing to the budget conscious but fashion addicted, like myself. I was so excited I spent the next three hours studying every page, every option and every delicious delight just so I could impart my newly discovered knowledge to my loyal readers and budding stylettes. Unlike your usual run-of-the-mill eboutique which normally concentrates on contained line of products, this baby is a one-stop-shop for the armchair shopper. It’s all there, wardrobe essentials, clothing, accessories, shoes, sleepwear, maternity, gifts (everyone loves gifts), something for the kids and even DH, who was sadly forgotten and left sitting on the couch in the excitement of it all. Sorry hon...bit busy at the mo! My favourite, I will admit were the ‘tops.’ When I’m not obsessing about Bettina, I’m obsessing about tops. It was my first experience, and let me tell you...not disappointed. I scrolled down in awe at a vast selection of affordable labels – Anise, Fate, Sass, Living Doll, Espirit, Wish and Ladakh to mention a few. I love love love the ‘All About Eve’ Free Bird tee reduced to $39.95. Latte coloured and long lined, perfect for hiding that tummy with a sexy drape back, and shoulder tie. Clearly with my E cups, I’d have to pop a cami underneath so I could comfortably wear support, but when you find something as glamorous as an uber-chic tee, who cares about semantics. In fact, I love it so much, if I wasn’t so obsessed with owning those curvy fit Bettina jeans or debating the jumpsuit, I would definitely buy it!

But wait, there is more. Not only can you search by desire or by category but you can also search by body type. I know, it’s completely and utterly revolutionary. By selecting ‘shop by body type’ you can select the part of your body you want to dress ie. Tummy, hips or E cups, and up pops a selection of clothing that will best suit that element of your bod. Choose a few different combinations, and cross reference the items for a complete look. You can also shop by personality, collection, colour, brand, new arrivals and most importantly, bargains. Love it!

CHECK IT OUT: You won’t be disappointed.

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