Thursday, January 28, 2010

Casual Friday: What I'm going to wear

Three whole days since my last post, can you believe it? I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I’ve been stuck in some change-room somewhere, but alas it was nothing quite so spectacular. I’ve been a busy actually – back at work, playing with the kids, Australia Day celebrations etc etc etc. BB2 has also decided that waking up and partying at five am is the way to go, whilst BB1 thinks bed-time isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Plus, I’m also still recovering from my first attempt at catching public transport to work. Ok, so I got my tram stop completely wrong, and then missed a couple...and the trains were late as I attempted to find my way home, but at least I looked good. Thank you Jacqui E shift dress, Cue blouse and shoes by Wittner. Pity, I was too tired to write about it!! Anyway, I’m back and tomorrow is casual Friday, so you know what that means...time to glam it up! This week’s outfit started off as a return to tradition with my all-time favourite DKNY skinny jeans. But to be perfectly honest I’m a little bit obsessed with Bettino Liano and am sadly disappointed in my old favourites. My $14.95 skinny pants from Witchery (reduced from $160 remember), which can also be unzipped to magically become bootlegs, are a fab alternative, and teamed with my new flutter sleeve tee by Roxy purchased today for $27.95, look super sensational. I’ve added my new Wittner t-bars for a bit of height (although the ballet flats will do for the rush from train to coffee to tram), the pewter Guess bag DH gave me two Christmases ago, and added Chanel inspired pearls for a bit of glam. For a bit of warmth I’ll either add a chocolate coloured blazer by Diana Ferrari, or my peach thigh length cardi by Country Road. The tee, as a summer garment is pretty thin and a little transparent so I’ve topped it off with some magic knee to bust knickers underneath. Don’t you love it? Let’s check it out...

Trousers from Witchery $14.95
Roxy tee $27.95
Wittner platforms $40.00
Pearls $5 from a Diva sale
Magic knickers from Kmart $17.99
Total cost (without the warmth) $105.89

CHECK IT OUT: A few years ago I brought my first Roxy tee from Surf Attack, a teeny tiny surf shop located on the ground floor at Altona Gate. I loved everything about it...the colour (yoghurt), the cut (empire) and the fabric. I literally wore it to death. Twice a year, I make it a point to visit this fabulous little establishment to pick myself up a new tee at 40-50 per cent off the marked price, and I just love my newest edition. Those flutter sleeve will make anyone’s burgeoning bingo arms look fantastic.

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  1. ooo i absolutely love this outfit, very classy and chic!

    Thanks for the link darling! I'll spread the link love rightaway! :)


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