Monday, January 11, 2010

My friend Jacqui

It’s been 16 days since the biggest annual event on the shopping calendar - the post Christmas Day sales, and I know what you are all thinking. Where is Milla? Well, I’ll tell you…shopping, where else! I have been out and about perusing stores, checking out change-rooms and rating what I consider to be the pick of the bunch for those of us who are trying to look like we are living like champagne on a beer budget. Kudos to the fashion buyers of the well known chain-stores. In the face of the GFC, they’ve bought up a storm over the last two seasons so that most of the brands affordable to those of us with mortgages and/or dependents are brimming with post Christmas bargains at ridiculous prices. My pick of the bunch is without a doubt, is the lovely Miss Jacquie E. Jacquie Who, I hear some of you more prone to high-end brand names saying in aghast. Jacquie E…she’s pretty, she’s affordable and she is so overflowing with massive reductions that you should shop there just out of principle. What I like best about Jacqui E, is her adaptability. It doesn’t matter what size, shape or age you are…this sexy, sophisticated little lass will deck you out in her finest for half the price. Dresses that retail in season for over $120.00 have been dramatically reduced…some by 50%, others by 70%. My fav (and one I’m trying to find in my size such is its popularity!!!) is a knee length drape dress with beaded detail around the neck in white and orange. Team it with a pair of beige, taupe or black gladiators and you are going to look hot! hot! hot! Or, whack on a pair of thongs and ridiculously large straw hat and glasses and meet the girls at the beach for a decaf soy latte and bit of a chat.

For the more professional, pencil shirts (PS) and shirts and blouses take on a whole new look with daring reptile or geometric prints and pretty frills and flounces. They can be had from as little as $20 (reduced from $80), although depending on your professional style, don’t discount the white and orange number…I want that dress. I fell particularly in love with a classic white PS with beige reptile print and skinny hip belt, but with my thighs…it was never going to happen. Not worry, I was spoiled by choice because that is what Jacquie E does…choice! Just remember to grab as much as you can in one go, and try it all on…preferably as ensembles, not as singles…leave that for another day. My cousin and I went mental just a few days ago and nearly sampled the entire store, much to the sales lady’s delight. Which leads me to another thing…the staff. Always very nice and very helpful, but still in it for the sale. So take a friend.

HOT TIP: If you are lucky to live by a DFO or harbour town then my advice is to skip the regular retail stores and make a bee-line for bargain heaven. Most of the clearance outlets stock the latest discards so you won’t miss out on what was just hot!

CHECK IT OUT: While you are there suss out Jacquie E’s answer to the short-sleeve jacket. It is style heaven for any shape or occasion. It sucks you in in all the right places, gives you cleavage if you don’t have it, and softens it if you do. Button it up for day or night, or leave it open with a tee and a pair of jeans. It is on sale for $99 and worth every penny.

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  1. When are we going shopping?? I have yet to see anything in Jacquie E that I want to try on but I clearly don't have the eyes for style bargains! You make that orange and white dress sound so gorgeous that I want it and I'm sure it's too late!


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