Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What am I wearing

Back to work tomorrow and actually looking forward to it! I know, can you believe it! Since deciding to glam it up for the office, I’ve created my very own weekly fashion experience and am reveling in the chance to throw myself into the smallest wardrobe in the world and come out looking like I’ve been dressed by Patricia Fields. Ok, maybe not Patricia Fields because that could quite possibly mean denim hotpants with bum ruffles, which would get me fired, but you know what I mean. This week’s outfit combines an old favourite – turquoise cami with empire tie by Stella, and short sleeve grey jacket and slacks from Cue. I added more accessories than I would normally wear – turquoise necklace & bling ring from Diva, ear-rings from Ritual and last week’s gladiator purchase from Wittner. God, I love Wittner. Not completely sold on the belt – which I do adore by the way. It was a pre-peggie purchase from Kamikaze for $39.95 and I’ve been dying to wear it - or the bag (Lulu Australia). I’ve had the handbag for years, but feel it might be a bit dated. Perhaps I’ll opt for the pewter Guess bag DH brought me for Chrissie, what a thoughtful man.

As per usual, every item was brought for a bargain:
Cue jacket – half price at $119
Cue pants – half price at $60
Stella top – half price less 20%, $35
Wittner shoes – bargain, $50
Belt, full price, but still a steal, $39.95
Earrings, $ 5 from Ritual
Necklace and Ring from Diva, $10
Handbag, can’t remember it was so long ago, but the Guess bag was a present so it’s free!
Total spend $318.00

CHECK IT OUT: Putting together a suit-styled fashion statement does not mean everything has to match. I’ve teamed a lighter grey jacket shot with silver, with a pair of charcoal pin-striped boot-cut trousers – which look absolutely fabulous on anyone with saddlebags, then thrown in a pair of cream coloured platforms for good measure. What are you wearing?

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  1. I am wearing an accidentally cream blouse with very heavy self embroidery from Colorado (it collided with some orange placemats, so was sent to bleach rescue, and looks better than originally), with green/olive Regatta linen pants and neutral new Sandler flats. Not quite in the suit arena! Necklace is new with heaps of heavy old-fashioned greeny-browny beads, and watch is gold antique style. Do love the jacket there...Hope return to work is going well!


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