Monday, January 18, 2010

Going going gone...the mischief of on-line shopping

It’s gone! That cute little white dress with the blue geometric print on p42 of the latest "Shop Til You Drop" mag has gone. Never to be repeated. None, zilch, zero. I am gutted, how did this happen? I had already resolved in the early hours of this morning that the very minute I settled BB2 down for a nap and put BB1 in front of the big screen, I would log onto and buy it. I was brimming with excitement about my impending purchase. I had already decided where I would wear it first – lunch with the girls, how I would dress it up - my favourite elastic cinch belt with the faux black patent leather trim ($39.95 from Sussans) and new t-bar platties from Wittner, and how I would dress it down – cream ballet flats and turquoise gypsy pendent I purchased at a steal ($5) from Ritual at Harbour Town, WA. But, not only could I not find the dress, I could not find Alibi, the on-line boutique from which I was to buy. It wasn’t where it usually is... under the eboutique section of the STYD website – although I did find a couple of other cute little eboutiques you all might like, but that’s for another day, and I was fast becoming frustrated. I was about to reach for the phone and give my favourite new publication a piece of my thwarted mind. Fancy teasing us with such a stylish wonder at an affordable price only to deny its very on-line existence. Thankfully in a excellent show of self-control, I dialled the number printed on the promo instead and was delivered the bad news. Nooooo....

In a desperate attempt to suppress my disappointment, I spent the next half an hour scoping all my favourite e-boutiques’ in the hope I would find something that would come close to bringing such joy that I know this frock would have brought. Until my three year old screamed at me that she wanted a tissue that is and wanted it now! It wasn’t until I tore my frantic fingers away from my keyboard that I realised no matter how many flashy fashion sites I visited that all boasted cut-price options with one click, none would extinguish the grief I felt at losing my new best friend, and that perhaps BB1s tantrum was a blessing in disguise, lest I found myself checking out with something that was only ever going to be second best.

So, my advice to you is if you see something you really like, don’t delay. Don’t stop to ponder how fabulous you are sure to look and then wait for an opinion from your loyal readers. Log-on immediately and buy it. It is far better than losing it and spending your hard earned coffee money on a poor replica that you are sure to dislike the moment it arrives.

HOT TIP: There is nothing quite so exciting than buying on-line and receiving your package wrapped up with a smile from the postie. But are clearly buying what you see in one-dimension only, and usually hanging off a super slim glamorous supermodel. In order to shop successfully on-line particularly if you are going in for high-end bargains, then you MUST MUST MUST know your body shape, so you can take one look at the happy snap of your next big purchase and be confident that it is the right look for you.

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