Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I found the perfect outfit...and didn't buy it!

Have you ever accidentally stumbled across the most perfect outfit you have ever seen and had no means of buying it? No, well welcome to my world. There I was, innocently checking out the new autumn range at Country Road and trying to decide how best to spend the $30 gift voucher I had received from my friends at CR for being such a valued and loyal customer. I had debated my options on the drive to my local shopping centre, and had decided that I would invest my hard-earned bonus on a new pair of skinny jeans. I would save my Bettina Liano experience for a pair of curvy fit bootlegs, which when you think about made sense. Why invest $249 on a pair of denims if they aren’t absolutely perfect and with my thighs, it’s really bootleg or bust for that amount of money. After finding nothing I really liked or that would fit these curves in the country road store – really CR Maribyrnong, how many people do you know that actually wear a size 6? I ventured into Myers and immediately picked up two pairs of suitable skinnies priced at a reasonable $99 – a simple, plain dark denim and a pair of black wet-looks. It just so happens that in order to get from the CR section to the fitting-room, I was forced to by-pass Cue and the 70% off discount rack - remind me to tell you about my love affair with Cue another day – where I grabbed, out of interest you understand a couple of frocks for under $100.00. Bargain. Saving the dresses I had no intention of buying to last, I shimmied into the jeans. To my surprise the wet-look number looked fabulous. Well, as fabulous as a pair of skinny jeans on a person with chicken legs looks can look...it’s all in the shoes and length of top you choose to wear with it really, and I do have to admit, I was rather chuffed...I really didn’t like the plain dark denims...they were a few weaves away from resembling a pair of faux denim leggings, which in my world should be outlawed. Anyway, I realised that I was running a tad late and needed to pop into Woolies to do a spot of grocery shopping so I threw on the first of the frocks over the top of the jeans to save time. It was a pale blue asymmetrical taffeta number. Gorgeous but no go over the E cups, so I reached for the cream strapless tulip dress with black trim and Oh My God, booty-licious! The gorgeousness of the whole on-som hit me in the head like a fisbee...I was half-way to my next girl’s night out in that outfit! Even with ballet flats it was fabulous, so imagination how glamorous I would look when I added a pair of patent black heels. Hubba, hubba! There was no question about it, I had to have it. Just as long as I could put it on lay-by and use my voucher as the deposit – I’d spied a pair of skinny tuxedo trousers at the Cue store earlier reduced from $209 to $62 and had already ear-marked them for my purchase en-route to Woolies. But, there was a problem...Myer don’t lay-by heavily reduced sale items for Cue, and no, I could not use my voucher as a deposit. It was clearly written in the fine print. Noooooo............So I reluctantly returned my two items to their racks and walked sadly to Cue, heeding the valuable lesson I had just learned. Never voluntarily give your credit card to your DH...it just doesn’t end well!

HOT TIP! You can find the most amazing outfits that will knock everyone over with your gorgeousness even without looking for it...even in your wardrobe! Ah hah...so the next time you find yourself in the same position as me, why not go home and try and find something similar in your wardrobe. Unfortunately for me, the only dress that would have worked – a gorgeous aqua blue, long sleeve shift doesn’t fit over the post baby boobs, but I did rediscover this gorgeous royal blue frock from Cue that I haven’t worn in three years. It's pictured above with my mum's vintage crystal brooch and sexy slingbacks from Wittner. Isn't it fab!' It too is a bit snug up top, but looks gorgeous on, and will make a fabulous work alternative.

CHECK IT OUT! I’m going back to Myer this weekend and if that dress is still there...I’m buying it! Or, the tailored tuxedo jacket from Cue reduced from $350 to $90. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

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