Saturday, February 13, 2010

I really need to go shopping

There I was, lying in bed last night contemplating the smallest wardrobe in the world when I turned to DH and said “you know, I really do need to go shopping!” I could almost hear his eyes rotate in his head and a deep sigh...or was it a moan?...emanated from his lips. Ok, sure he’s heard it all before. But seriously, I meant it this time. It had come to my attention that a good number of my clothes ceased to fit over the post-baby E cups. Yet, I continued to keep them in rotation when all they really did was mock me every time I attempted to embark on my next big fashion experience. So, armed with what I considered to be a guilt-free budget...I brought that jacket from Cue like I thought I might...and ripping excuse to drive across town to Chaddy – a friend is getting married and in need of a present, I loaded BB2 in the car and shot off to my destination with excitement running through my veins. I make no secret of the fact that I love Chaddy. It was my home away from home when I first moved to Melbourne all those years ago. I was still somewhat of a style disaster back then. All the best intentions but seriously no idea beyond big W. Thank god things have changed. After I had completed the very important chore of choosing something fabulous from the bridal registry and arranging delivery, I hit the shops. Or more importantly, shop – Myer. It's actually a bit dangerous to turn left out of David Jones because that leads you into the new high-end extension and when you are a limited resource fashion addict like myself, walking past Prada is a bit like eating a toasted cheese sandwich when you are lactose intolerant.

Anyway, I do like a good Myer. They stock all the right budget conscious-yet fabulously stylish brands in the comfort of the same venue - I’m a little bit lazy like that, and they also have the best "50 per cent off the lowest marked price" sales in the else do you think I got those gorgeous Mark Jacob heels for $125 reduced from $560 several years ago. Which, reminds me I spied the same pair on eBay recently for $30 and it just about broke my heart...I love my Marc Jacobs and have just paid $50 to have them re-soled! It was just my luck that they had said sale on now. Jackpot! A little over an hour and several scary hyena altercations later...what is with women and a sale? I emerged victorious with four fabulous tops from Cooper St, Piper, Country Road and Basque – none of which was priced over $37.50, to rejuvenate my poor tired little wardrobe. The most glamorous of the haul is without a doubt a steel blue satin empire top with three-quarter sleeves and front detail. It is cut to perfection. It’s pictured above with my Mark Jacob shoes, which I threw in to show off. I really didn’t think my complexion could support the colour, but apparently it can. I’d barely got it on before I’d made up my mind that I had to have it. It was reduced to $37.50 from $129.00. I'll post piccies of the other items over the next few days. I'm a little bit tired now and poor forgotten DH really wants me to go and sit on our brand new chaise lounge that was delivered today, which incidentally perfectly matches the new Cooper St blouse. I know, what a week.

Check it out: My wonderful friend Mel's DH was quoted as saying recently "are you buying the item, or buying the price?" and when it comes to a sale, he's got a very good point. When buying any item of clothing during a "50 per cent off the lowest marked price" sale - or any sale for the that matter, the same shopping rules should apply to full-priced items...know your shape, recognise what colours work for you, and don't buy it if you already have twenty of the same in your wardrobe. It might be a bargain at the time, but if its sitting in your wardrobe gathering dust alongside twenty other bargains you never wear because they are all wrong for you, its a lot of money down the train that could be better spent on pair of Bettina Liano or two!

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