Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Un week-end à Paris avec Sussan

I fully intended on sharing with you the wonderful fashion festival that was the wedding I attended on the weekend before I was distracted with the latest Sussan catalogue that had arrived earlier today. I’m a big fan of catalogues. I love pouring over the luscious pages and being tantalised by the stylish promises of what awaits on the other side of the store door. I also love Sussan. Have done for years and contrary to what the young snippet behind the counter at the Sketches out-let store believes, it’s not “mumsie” at all! Quite the opposite and wash your mouth out for being so profane! I purchased my first notable outfit from Sussan when I was just 16 years old. It was a pair of fawn pleat-front, knee length shorts with a row of tortoise-shell-inspired buttons down the front and navy, fawn and white striped polo-neck skivvy with shoulder pads. I looked super sensational in it, and if I still had it, I would probably add a pair of neutral peep-toe heels and still look fabulous – even though I’ve long since given up on navy skivvies – clashes terribly with my freckles and pleat front anything.

I had just mentioned to my wonderful friend Mel, that I had been a bit disappointed on my last visit to my local store. Despite my best shopping intentions, nothing jumped out at me and demanded me to take it home. That was until I opened the 24-page Coco Chanel-Parisian inspired masterpiece and fell breathtakingly and irrevocably in love with each and every look, including those that I know by looking at them won’t suit me at all. If you have not yet received your copy of “A weekend in PARIS” - conveniently mailed to all Sussan VIP customers of whom I am one, then you MUST join now and procure one of your very own. Or better yet, go shopping. Aside from potentially winning a shop-a-holic trip of life-time to Paris that includes $2,000 spending money AND a $500 Sussan gift voucher, the latest and most dazzling collection promises pure perfection for the elegant Francophile style. I am particularly enamoured with the look on p14 consisting of a three quarter length sleeve jacket in bright red ($119.95), skinny black pants ($69.95) and black and white long-sleeve tee ($29.95). Unfortunately with my E cups the tee is never going to work, but I do have a long-sleeve tee in charcoal purchased from Sussan last year and the cute little striped top with drape neck feature on p6 would be a wonderful substitute. The boyfriend jacket over the cute little striped top is also adorable ($129.95) and the red and charcoal checked scarf on the same page ($39.95) is a definite must for those cold days. Even the weekend tunic ($79.95) and leggings ($49.95) on the next page has me walking dreamlike along the Champ de Élysées the arm in arm with Dr Love (such a better nickname than DH don't you think?). Not sure that’s going to be my kind of top – I can’t see the collar, but I love the way it’s glammed up with a chunky necklace. There is an adorable little coco jacket, albeit in black, on p8 that reminds me of the chanel-phase that whipped through Target a few years ago. I had two said jackets, a black and a cream one and I threw them out... silly MILLA! I’m thinking of hitting Savers to see if anyone else had the same idea. I’m also loving my new best friend, the jean ($89.95) and the glitzy ear-rings on p19 ($19.95). To finish it off, have a look at the stunning new white romance sleepwear line. No-body does sleepwear quite like Sussan.

You know what? If I was still a teenager I would cut out my favourite looks from this delectable little publication and paste them on my school file. And yes, that is me in my younger days in my favourite Sussan outfit!!! Don’t I look divine?

Check it out:


  1. Oh Milla!
    I had a look at the catalogue on their website. I even zoomed my computer screen in closer so I could get a really good look. Oh how you have sent me down a laneway I may not find my way back from. The catalogue is gorgeous!
    Je suis smitten.

  2. C'est parfait Milla! I loved a lot of the similar outfits and of course the photos of Paris are just divine. I love the boyfriend jacket and can maybe justify a new one (despite the fact that Fairy Godmother Milla recently renovated my old suit jacket into a fresh boyfriend blazer). Great photo too - I would never have picked it!

  3. Hey Milla,
    I can't find an email address for you?
    I wanted to let you know I've put a link to your blog on my blog cause I love reading your funny posts. I hope you don't mind?


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