Thursday, November 25, 2010

Memoirs of an English (and French) adventure...Puttin' on the Ritz

B & G in London making sure we are not lost!!
I was born to take tea at the Ritz, I am certain of it. So when my cousin G suggested that my other cousin B, G and I partake in high tea at one of London’s finest establishments, I almost tripped over myself with excitement. I love high tea. There is something so decadent about leaving the little people with Dr Love, frocking up (I wore the 'outfit inspired by Grandma') and drinking as much tea as you possibly can in a short period of time in the lap of absolute luxury. We had now been in the UK for five days and had yet to visit the nation’s capital. I was also yet to buy anything since we had arrived and between you me and your local Lipton plantation I was starting to get a tad worried about myself. Suddenly after years of perfecting the art of parting with one’s hard-earned cash (and credit), I was reluctant to part with anything. What if I made a mistake and brought the wrong thing? What if I got so caught up with all the wonders on offer abroad that I forgot that red was not my colour and the E cups ceased to exist in favour of that double breasted woollen coat in teal green? Oh my god, it was Charlie Brown all over again.

The shoes B and I brought.  Such good taste.  Must run in the family.
Of course, once I stepped over the thresh-hold of the shoe galleries in Selfridges on Oxford Street I needn’t have worried. All the anxiety and self-doubt over my shopping prowess was immediately vanquished by how many pairs of shoes I could justify without having to resort to international post! In the end I settled on a single pair of navy blue patent leather heels with my all-time favourite mary-jane strap by KG by Kurt Geiger. B, who had avoided high heeled shoes for most of her life but who was also going through an image metamorphosis opted for the same pair, indicating her fabulous sense of style and impeccable taste in footwear! G, choose a simple but classic pair of round toed patent black leather court shoes by Office which worked so nicely with her ensom for the day that she broke them out of the signature yellow bag on the short black cab ride through town and wore them to tea.

B & G enjoying high tea at The Ritz
If any of us had built up any expectations of our impending experience with dainty finger sandwiches and miniature truffles, we were not disappointed. This particular shin-dig was everything it promised to be and more! Within minutes of being centrally seated in front of the gold gilded lead fountain sculpture of a reclining woman, we were soon snapping off random shots on the digital desperate to preserve the memory of how the other half lived and vowing to replicate the decor within our own abodes with a few chosen pieces from ebay. Oh wait, that was just me! As the tea poured endlessly from silver pots and the gentle tinkle of perfectly formed sugar cubes dropped from antique sugar tongs into fine china cups upon matching sauces, opulence was in abundance. Every day men and women from all corners of the globe adopted the airs and graces befitting the rich - pinkies in the air - and enjoyed the golden yellow ambiance of the centrally located Palm Court with its quintessential French furnishings and resident pianist. Even the ladies toilet was something of an experience with the narrow, plush pink carpeted stairway and free girlie products. It was a completely fabulous day for many different reasons, least of which was the final breaking of the great shopping drought. But for now, it was time to return home to Dr Love and the little people.  Apparantly they had smelt blood and gone for the kill! So with our specially ordered cake secured in its blue box – we simply could not eat another crumb and just quietly, if I saw another cup of tea I might just cry, we bit farewell to the Ritz and all of its elegance and began the journey on foot through the beautiful open parks about town to Paddington station and home.

All the fabulous treasures and treats at the Ritz, which I'm determined to replicate at home.  I love the Ritz.  Ebay anyone?


  1. Hey Milla, so nice to meet you to! I cannot believe I never stumbled upon your blog before, it is just my cup of tea! I am off to London next weekend to check out the shoe galleries I cant wait!! I also left a reply to you on my blog but incae you didnt see it:

    "Hi there!! I would love to read that post if you can dig it up! I bought one of the trenches from that range, the big grey poufy one with the sleeves that tied in big bows. I got if off ebay for only about £20 and it was so well made it looked like main line, I got so many compliments. I loved it and wore it to death it was perfect for the hot, wet summer we had that year. It was the same year I got my red Westwood mary janes and the two looked amazing togeather. x "

    Pearl xx

  2. Hi there-wow, what a wonderful time you're having, those blue KG Mary Janes are just lovely and tea at the Ritz is definitely an awesome experience, I took my mum for her 70th birthday, it is such a lovely treat and experience! thanks for stopping by with your lovely comment too! xx

  3. Hi Pearl and MyStyle

    So great to hear from you both.

    Pearl - I remember that trench, it was absolutely gorgeous and one of the first to be stripped from the racks (and the mannequins!!) I'm fairly certain I'm obsessed with mary-janes so am green with envy over the westwood MJs. So looking forward to talking with you more.

    MyStyle - I loved being in the UK and am definitely suffering post holiday blues. I'd go back tomorrow if I could. I've been haunting the House of Fraser website ever since we returned. International shipping is only 10 quid! Yay. Taking my mum out for high tea in Melbourne over Christmas. Not quite the Ritz but the Windsor is a lovely old hotel so it should be fabulous. Take care MFSxxx


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