Thursday, November 18, 2010

Click, click shop!

My FWM wrap dress that arrived today.
I am unbelievably super excited and surprisingly it has nothing to do with William or Kate or the impending royal knot and everything to do with the dress that arrived in the mail today!  When I was abroad I fell in love with a brand of clothing called Fenn Wright Manson or FWM for short.  I first discovered FWM at my new favourite fashion house-slash-department store, House of Fraser and haunted her racks every time I stepped across the thresh-hold.  What attracted me to this particular brand was in the first instance colour!  Whoever told Australian designers and buyers that one must wear nothing but blacks, greys and other assorted neutrals when winter hits has clearly never shopped in the UK on an overcast, cold and rainy day.  Seriously, if I heard one more person try to justify the lack of colour in fashion houses down under as an acceptable reflection of the season pre-holiday abroad I was going to take a match to every neutral I could find in the smallest wardrobe in the world in remonstration.  OK, so that’s a complete exaggeration.  I would never do that to any of my clothes but you get my point.  In a country renowned for its long and dreary winters stores all over the land were rolling out deep lush colours in every shade imaginable in protest of the darkened and colourless sky.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed FWM was no exception.  As luck would have it, the colour palette bore a striking resemblance to the more prominent shades on my colour wheel and understandably become the object of my obsession.  The fact that it also comprised easy to wear, classic designs in everything from frocks to cardigans was a complete bonus.  I’d been eyeing off this dress for the best part of four weeks hoping that would be reduced as had a number of other similar dresses in shades less flattering to my complexion.  Eventually it was reduced on-line by a whopping 50 per cent.  Imagine my excitement when I returned home to find that not only was it available in my size, but delivery to Australia was a scant £10 and as a non-EU citizen was completely void of the VAT (tax).  Naturally I ordered it.  It’s perfect.  The kind of dress every girl should own.  The only question that remains is whether I should have brought the brown one with the white dots too!

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