Friday, March 12, 2010

I love Sussan outfit #2

This is one outfit that I couldn’t bring myself to layout on the floor; the green carpet would not do it justice so Dr Love and I played model and photographer in the backyard this morning while the kids ran riot in the kitchen. It’s probably the only time I’ll post of a photo of myself like it, because as I am sure you can understand from my posts, I’m the shy and retiring type! Anyway I couldn’t believe how fabulous I felt in this look. So fabulous I really am going to wear it to bed tonight because I never want to take it off! For some unknown reason I’d completely avoided the whole 198Os-boyfriend jacket revisited. I had distinct visions of looking like a card-board box in shapeless polyester until I found myself some killer jeans and a knockout tank from Sussan and suddenly I am queen of the world. As I did not own a boyfriend jacket, I took the meaning to its literal level and swiped Dr Love’s jacket from his side of the smallest wardrobe of the world on the promise I would return it as found so he could wear it to work on Monday. No problem, as long as he doesn’t mind smelling like Coco Mademoiselle! Clearly he did not purchase this particular jacket from Sussan, and well I’d be a little worried if he did, so I cannot attribute its fabulousness to my current goddess of glamour. Everything else to do with this outfit sans the sunnies, shoes, bling ring and intimates can, and if the looks from the street are anything to go by then I’ve hit the chic nail right on its stylish head. What do you think about that you little snippet from behind the sketchers counter, I look pretty damned hot huh? The jeans are the same pair of skinny jeans from yesterday’s casual affair, but with a good airing out overnight. I love how these babies hold everything together. They are just like magic knickers only longer. I can bunch them slightly at the ankle which helps to balance out my KFC thighs and hips and together with the black patent heels – an item every 30 something glamour puss should aspire to own, make my pins look as though they go on forever. Eat your heart out six foot tall supermodel. I added a grey cotton cami with lace details under the tank just to lengthen my torso and keep the whole rack in perspective. You remember this tank don’t you? It’s the one with the twist strap over one shoulder and drape neck that I wore about six weeks ago with an antique white drape cardi (also from Sussan I might add) and gold satin pencil skirt. It is so versatile that I thinking of having it stuffed and mounted when it finally falls apart from over-use. I picked up the necklace last week on sale for $14.95. It’s a fabulous length for any E cup and a great diversion for BB2 when she next attempts to launch herself at my ipod. A simple pair of sunnies and bling-ring just top it all off. Let’s check it out...

Boyfriend jacket borrowed from Dr Love
Sussan tank with twist strap over the shoulder and drape neck, $59.95
Sussan skinny jeans, $99
Sussan necklace, on sale for $14.95
Diva bling ring, $5
Wittner shoes, $30 brought on sale
Basque sunnies, $35 at 50 per cent off
Total cost $243.90

Milla’s hot tip for wearing the boyfriend jacket: If you’ve got curves then my hot tip to looking scorching is to keep it simple and slim underneath to balance out your bod and keep those curves upfront and forward, particularly if your BFJ is a little on the loose side and resembles that cardboard box I talked about up top. My muse Sussan lays claim to a number of fabulously stylish BFJs in the current collection but if your budget doesn’t allow for a new addition to your wardrobe then pop into your favourite op-shop and get shopping. The men’s section is likely to be just as fruitful as the girls. Just remember that the same rules should apply to cut and colour for cast-offs. Enjoy.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love that you toned the tank with the cami so that it creates a flow-on effect that elongates the body. Love love.


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