Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday night review (on Monday)...Vogue April '10

I am absolutely amped by the April edition of Vogue magazine. I’m seriously considering having it framed and hung shrine-like on my bedroom wall in testament to what could be the publishing world’s realisation that fashionistas around the globe are evacuating Paris-end Collins Street and flocking instead to low-end DFO South Wharf. I kid you not! Gone is the over-infestation of sky-high prices that smacked the average girl-on-a-budget in the head with a $4000 Balencia bag. In its place is an exquisite blend of Prada meets high street that appeals to all the right budgets.

I knew something was different about this month’s fashion fix when I happened upon a full page advertisement for Forever New (p87)...the inexpensive alternate for the girlie-girl who cannot afford an Alannah Hill frill no matter how much coffee she forgoes for the sake of a serious fashion spend. It was just a hop-step-and-jump from the advertisement to a two-page spread of Forever New budget shopper delights (p110-113). Flick a bit further and you’ll cash in on Vogue’s newest fashion feature, More Dash Than Cash. It’s a nine-page montage of what the Brits lovingly refer to as high street fashion, and filled with labels that you know and can afford; Witchery, Portmans, Dotti, Forever New, MinkPink and Sportsgirl etc. What’s more, editor Kirstie Clements is inviting readers to tell her if they would like to see more high-end looks at low end prices on a regular basis. Oh. My. God. YES! I am so in love with the Satin frill tank at just $49.99 on p110, I could cry, and if I was not host to the infamous E cups, I would team this scrumptous strip of satin with the ruffle-front suede jacket (p111, $229.99), Sussan denim skinnies and Angora bow cloche, otherwise known as a woollen hat (p113, $24.99). But, alas these babies are not going anywhere so the tiered two-tone mac for $139.99 or Manhattan jacket will have to do!

But it does not stop there. Throughout this month’s mag you will find cheaper and more affordable items lovingly fraternizing with the rich and famous. The In Vogue (pg48-54), Vogue View (pg57-60) and Vogue Fashion (various from p62-98 ) features are feminine, fun, flirty and fashilious with plenty of tips on what is hot and how to get it. My current fav is the Boy Wonders page (p98), which encourages you to borrow something from “his” side of the wardrobe. Thank you very much, don’t mind if I do...oh yes, I already have! I will admit there is still a generous representation of bibs and bobs that are way on the pricey side, but Vogue wouldn’t be Vogue without them. By the time you hit the double denim spread (p74-75) however, you won’t care because you’ve already got the feeling something is different and different is good. Like the gorgeous Boss Orange chambray shirt for under $200 (g74) and David Lawrence and Trenery cotton trenches for under $300 (p82). Just on denim, if blue is not your colour...then denim shirts and jackets are not and will never be for you. Sorry! Damn!

What I really love about the April mag is its return to accessible style. There were plenty of low-priced options throughout the various fashion spreads that nullify the depressing in-your-face thousand dollar must-haves that plagued the previous months. They also enable you to return to the dreamlike trance of Vogues of old and enjoy pouring over the high-end fashion without crying into your Kleenex because you are never ever going to even come close. The re-introduction of the realistic and affordable added to the overall Vogue experience front to back and I found myself submerged into a number of interesting and thought-provoking articles, reviews and how-tos without really trying. I even marked several pages of looks I love including the Hugo Boss red tunic (p18) and Dior en-som (p25) and worked out how to replicate them with what I already have or what I have seen. Dior be damned, we’ve got Forever New. Vogue April edition. Buy it, you’ll like it.

Check it out:

Hot tip: If you reside in Melbourne, then you will know that the annual L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival is officially underway. Log on to and have squizz at all the wonderful treats you could exposure yourself to over the duration of the next week. If you are on a budget and would rather eat than check out the latest looks off the runways around the world, then do not despair. There are numerous freebies for you to enjoy including the Sidewalk series in Federation Square. If looking after the kids while Dr Love is committed elsewhere, working, studying and writing brilliant and humorous articles for your style blog are chaining you to the kitchen sink, then be there in spirit and use this week to inspire some glamorous looks and feels from within your wardrobe. Why not start with Sussan. Enjoy.

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